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[QUOTE=Kim78;4882388]I'm STILL looking!! LOL! It's been about 5 months since I had surgery and I haven't been on any birth control since I had a bad reaction to the Lo Loesterin FE that I took at the end of July. Since my surgery, my periods are SO MUCH MORE painful than they've EVER been. I'm in MORE pain, in general, thatn I've EVER been in. I think I might give the depo shot a try, as I just don't want regular bc pills & I don't want to try the Mirena; I just don't feel right about having something stuck inside me for years. To me, it sounds like an obnoxious tampon that has to stay put. I tried to the depo shot when I was about 18 years old and I only took one shot because I had no insurance and couldn't afford another one. The only thing I had to say about it back then was that I was SO tired while on it AND it took about a year or so for my period to come back, just after ONLY ONE shot. I am already prone to bad facial break outs, so I'm HOPING that this won't exacerbate that problem and I've also heard that you gain a REDICULOUS amount of weight while on it too; water weight retention. I don't know anymore....ALL I DO KNOW is that this SUCKS!!!!!!! WHY ME??? NO ONE in my family has this...ALL I WANT is SOME sort of "normalcy". :([/QUOTE]
Girl, I hear ya all the way. Its the suckiest thing to ever have to go through, especially when nobody knows exactly what you're going through. I am currently on Jolivette(progesterone only pill)'s not bad, but my period came on full force and I feel like its killing me. I have no clue how anybody lives with this crap! My GYN says I'm out of options for different kinds of BC, so now I just have to experiment with different pills and see what it does. Good luck with your search! Maybe we'll find SOMETHING that works SOMEDAY. Hah...somehow that doesnt look like it'll be soon.

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