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... and i hated it... i was dizzy all the time, headaches, and was having issues with "inflamation"... my wrists, my ankles, hemorroids, even the acne i was trying to get rid of! instead of just gettign a pimple, the whole area of my face swelled up. i stopped it and everything went back to normal. ... (17 replies)
Bc question
Jul 13, 2007
... There is no such thing. What works for me may make you loose hair, become depressed, gain weight, have mood swings, develop acne etc. ... (1 replies)
Diane 35
Jun 4, 2007
... There is no way for me to know. I didn't have any problmes with acne or mood swings on Alesse but you may. The only thing you can do is take it and see. If you are afraid then try the B's with the ones you have now. If it does not get better switch. ... (3 replies)

Diane 35
Jun 4, 2007
... Thank you for the info. Do you believe then that Alesse will not have the same affect on my acne as Diane 35 did? ... (3 replies)
Diane 35
Jun 1, 2007
... I've been on Diane 35 for a while now. I've learned it's the only pill that's really good for my acne. I have bad hormonal acne. ... (3 replies)
... I was only on depo for about 9 months (loved the no period thing as well! wish I could have stayed on it but it gave me such horrible cystic acne!) When I went off of it I went on the Ortho Evra patch. I had no problems adjusting to the patch and my period was pretty normal. However since you've been on it so long there is always the chance of spotting and such during the... (3 replies)
Androgen levels?
Mar 5, 2007
... and its supposed to have a high androgen level, but be good for your skin...which is confusing, if high levels CAUSE acne...anyone? ... (1 replies)
... I was taking Nicomide tablets for about a year and I'm on birth control. Nicomide is actually a vitamin, not an antibiotic so it doesnt interfere with birth control. ... (3 replies)
Sep 24, 2006
... I really hated Alesse too. I was on it a few years ago and it made me so depressed and anxious. Also, I had trouble sleeping, and I just cried at EVERYTHING! ... (4 replies)
... and I had PMS symptoms the whole month. bloaty, hormonal acne, horrendously tender breasts, breakthrough bleeding for more than 2 weeks, then early bleeding before I even got onto the sugar pills. ... (1 replies)
... That doesnt mean that you have more chances of getting preg. it just means that it doesnt have huge doses of hormones. Just make sure that you dont miss a pill. Alesse is usually used for girls who want better skin due to acne. Im on it and my sex drive is okay. It did decrease though, but not too much. hope this helps! ... (10 replies)
... I am looking for a new birth control pill and want to have some names that I can discuss with my doctor when I get my pill changed. ... (2 replies)
Diane 35
Apr 3, 2006
... s too and was concerned. I just started my first pill of Diane 35 today. I think the risks are still really low but higher then other bc pills. I do not have any acne at all but my dr had a few freebies for me to try them out. ... (4 replies)
... i am currently on ortho tri cyclen lo and i love it. i havent gain any weight, my acne is much better, and no cramps or anything like that. i really haven't noticed any changes since ive been on it in july. ... (7 replies)
... phasic and it had cleared my skin up and when I was on Alesse which is also mono my skin was clear too. ... (7 replies)
Hormonal breakouts
Aug 12, 2005
... Thanks! Hey, did the Differin make you purge at all? Also, which cleanser do you use? (8 replies)
Hormonal breakouts
Aug 12, 2005
... Let me tell you my story. I was on Alesse from the time I was 17 till 20. I decided to take a break from it so I could lose some weight. Big mistake! ... (8 replies)
... It is not fair and it is a constant struggle! I was on Alesse from about 2002 to 2004 and I gained 25 lbs. Went from a size 6 to a size 12! It was terrible and I was miserable! ... (81 replies)
... I can't remember the name of the user that said she gained weight on Alesse but I had the same experience with it. Just like her I started it in 2002 when I was a senior in high school and I wore a size 6. 2 years later I was a size 12! ... (12 replies)
... Every woman is different, so what works well for one may not work well for you. One woman may find she lost weight and that her acne disappeared while on Alesse, while another may find she put on ten pounds, broke out and had breakthrough bleeding. ... (10 replies)

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