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... I have read that generics are not as good as name brand. Is this true? ... (1 replies)
... hinking we're out there trying to push brands. I push generics. If we can sell them, the FDA is clearly certain that they do just as well of a job. I'm taking generic Alesse, in the form of Barr Labratories' Aviane, and it works wonderfully. ... (14 replies)
... i figured that most people who say "alesse" here are referring to the brand name and not to the generic, but it helps that you say that most of your patients take the generic... ... (3 replies)

... I am going to try Alesse 28 because I usually dont have a problem with weight gain on ultra low dose bcp's. ... (2 replies)
... As far as the actual physical difference between the brand and the generic goes, there isn't much to be concerned about. The active ingredients in the medications will always be exactly the same. ... (6 replies)
... differnt percentage of chemicals than in another pill that comes in the same package...I know that there have been people who have been on generics and the brand name and have said that there is a difference... ... (3 replies)
... switching from Alesse to another bc within the next month, and as I'm not on any drug plan, I'm curious about the comparison between the brand name drugs and their generic counterparts, including price. ... (6 replies)
... Lutera is just a new generic BCP of Alesse. It's made by Watson and they make a lot of other BCPs, so it's not like it's from an unknown company or anything like that. ... (3 replies)
... Hi. I used to take Alesse last year for about 8 months. While I was on it, my periods were light and only lasted 5 days at most, compared to my heavy 9 day periods before I took Alesse. ... (4 replies)
Feb 5, 2007
... I have been on the generic Aviane for a good 5 years and it works pretty good. Before the generic came out I used Alesse for about a year and had less hormonal change headaches, but insurance won't pay for the brand name since there is a generic. ... (3 replies)
... Yeah ok it has been a long time since anyone has replied to this thread, but I would like to add that my gynecologist recommended that I use the brand name of alesse and not the generic form due to the greater number of side effects that showed up in those patients of hers who had taken the generic form. ... (14 replies)
... correct. Alesse and Levora do have the same progestrin, but different doses. ... (4 replies)
... in prescription program. They didn't have the generic version yet, so I got the name brand at the generic cost... ... (5 replies)
... And if anyone has also switched from alesse to micronor? ... (1 replies)
... That's so weird. I was at Planned Parenthood 2 weeks ago for my annual pap exam and the doctor told me that Alesse is considered high dose because it is an old pill and contains high doses of hormones. ... (4 replies)
... i learned this when i had surgery for an infection and i had to have a certian amount of meds and the doc told me to make sure i get the real stuff and not the generic for that very reason. so be careful when choosing generic meds!! ... (14 replies)
... more or less from the brand name and this is considered acceptable by the FDA. If you have problems with the generic version, tell your doctor. ... (14 replies)
... I promise you, generics are the exact same thing and they work the same way... I was on Aviane for a while and had no problems. Anyone who contests that is imagining things. I guess things could be different in countries other than the US... but here the USDA mandates that generics be the exact same chemical makeup or 'bio-equivalent' of a brand-name drug. Look up generic... (14 replies)
... But I was thinking of trying Alesse instead just to see if it improves things a bit. Any experiences with either? ... (2 replies)
... Generics are exactly the same, just cheaper. If you look next to the name Aviane, Allese, whatever, it will tell you the name of the estrogen/progestin and the amount. The hormones are the same. Don't get duped by the drug companies who try to make you think the flashy brand-name is better. Such a rip off. Marketing folks always rely on the public's unfounded trust of... (14 replies)

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