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... I went through all of the hormone pills and placebo pills but never got a period. No spotting, nothing. I'm now on day two of the second pack of pills so I've officially declared my period "missed". ... (0 replies)
... jsut started alesse im on the 28 day and im on my first pack two days befoer the sugar pills i got my period and i still have it its been a week now and it shows no signs of stoping is this normal is it jsut my body adjusting becuse i had a friend on alesse and she had her period for a month before they changed her pills ? ... (1 replies)
... Hey I am thinking of going off the birth control pill. I have been on Alesse for 5 years. I want to give my body a rest, and so when my fiance and I plan to start a family it will be easier. ... (34 replies)

... ing on these boards, but have been reading for at least a month. I am about to finish my first month on Yaz. I have one more placebo to take tonight. However, my period has not come yet. I've read other posters who said that they had a similar problem. Is this a common problem with Yaz? ... (0 replies)
New to Alesse
Apr 12, 2005
... ifferent right. so you may react differently to it. Remember since you have been switching pills you may have some problems the first month. Like heavier period, no period, weird food cravings, stuff like that. so stay on alesse for about 3 months and if you still have problems then maybe it isnt for you. ... (2 replies)
... months now and up until last month had relatively no problems. However, my last period was very very light. Only about one to two drops of blood. ... (9 replies)
... Anyone else notice heavy blood clotting while on their bc pill? I have been on yasmin for 1 year and before that, for almost 2 years, Alesse. My dr told me that the bleeding every month is not menstrual in nature, it is just breakthrough well, I got to thinking if that's the case why the heavy clotting? Just about every month I bleed a few big clots, and, I still cramp all the... (5 replies)
... so did you gain any weight after you started the yasmin? i know you said you lose the water weight when your FIRST start. (10 replies)
... I've taken botha ctually.. Alesse wasn't strong enough to control my cramps yet I still had all that sickness that comes with taking the pill, water retention, mornign sickness, etc. ... (10 replies)
... i have been takeing alesse birth controll pills since oct. 2002 nearly a year. ... (13 replies)
... Hi I have been on Alesse for a little over a year now and have noticed that I tend to get my period during the last week of active pills and then no period during the sugar pills. I am wondering if this means that this pill is not an effective method of birth control. ... (1 replies)
Acne and alesse
Nov 17, 2012
... this breakout is so bad the worst of my life. waiting for my period now on the week off the pills and I don't know if I can do another month if it is going to make it worse!! ... (0 replies)
Too-Early Period
Sep 5, 2012
... twice due to illness and once simply because I forgot. Until now, I have had no issues and no concerns. Even now, I'm fairly certain that I'm just being paranoid! ... (0 replies)
... IMO I don't think you would have any difference in your period with the 21-day pack vs. the 28 day pack....for example when I took the 28 day pack of Microgestin then got switched to the 21 day pack there was no difference in my cycle at all(never got any periods) Plus with low dose pills its super common not to get a period. I start the generic of Alesse (Lutera) this... (2 replies)
... so I'm jhoping it works out great with no wack side effects. ... (5 replies)
... the switch is for so I can skip my period due to suspected endometriosis. ... (2 replies)
... s why you didn't get a flow. In the beginning of BC, it's common to experience 'interruptions' as your body gets used to it. And just because you didn't get your period during your first round of BC, doesn't mean you won't get it while on your Pink Pill this month. I think this is common with low dose BC. ... (1 replies)
... and I skipped my period two times in a row by starting the new pack right away. I stopped taking my pills after the third pack on Saturday so I could have my period this week but I didn't get it. Is this normal? ... (1 replies)
... I don't think people have a lot of experience with Alesse and that's why they weren't responding. And also, I think people just don't know and they don't want to give you a wrong answer. ... (3 replies)
... I am real sorry that no one seems to be able to help you. I don't think it is because people don't want to respond. I think it is because they don't have an answer. ... (3 replies)

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