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... ve never missed a period, and my breasts were a 32B and as soon as I went on the nexaplon implant which was two weeks ago my body has gone crazy! ... (1 replies)
Skyla IUD
Sep 5, 2018
... Thank you that helps a little. I was on the pill prior to the IUD for 3 years. So going from knowing exactly when Iím going to get my period to not having one scares me a little. (2 replies)
Skyla IUD
Sep 5, 2018
... Dear Almfeb, Starting any type of birth control usually does alter periods and moods. The Skyla IUD can cause various symptoms for 3-6 months, such as irregular & late periods, changes in bleeding, breast tenderness or pain, vaginal itching or infection, and/or mood swings.The symptoms should settle down in six months. No reason to suspect pregnancy, but if the... (2 replies)

Please help
Aug 2, 2018
... There is never a guarantee that you will skip your period. Some women have break through bleeding. As to the first question, that information should be on the package insert. ... (1 replies)
Late Pill
Jul 21, 2018
... Probably you didn't get pregnant from that. You may as well wait until you can use the over the counter pregnancy test if you are still concerned by then. ... (1 replies)
... My SO has not really noticed a difference. My sex drive is not as high as say a year ago, but it is still very high. I do not want sex all day, just once a day now. haha. ... (19 replies)
... n, that the pill did NOTHING to help me in that regard. I experienced a total loss of sex drive, which I'm still struggling to get back after quitting the pill, as well as the same PMS symptoms I've always had the week before and the week after my withdrawal bleed. ... (19 replies)
... was on it a few years ago, and stopped because of money, but have recently started it again. I chose this brand because of horrible mood swings and depression, as well as incredibly painful cramps. Yasmin is suppose to work with your bodies natural chemistry to balance our your hormones during menstration. ... (19 replies)
Yaz as starter bc
May 21, 2006
... YAZ is supposed to reduce PMS symptoms as well as PMDD so i'm thinking you shouldnt have mood swings. ... (3 replies)
... It should not be used as the sole form of bc!!!! ... (6 replies)
... It's certainly not as bad as they say. I've been on BC for over a year, and aside from some very slight nausea in my first couple of months taking it, I've had 0 side effects. ... (19 replies)
... e board for a little while now, and I'm considering going on birth control...but also exploring other contreceptive options. It seems that there's really nothing as effective as the BC pills, so it looks like I have no choice but to start them if I want to have sex.... I'd rather be safe than sorry obviously lol. ... (19 replies)
... You're probably fine. It's perfectly safe to have sex during the "inactive" week, as long as you take your pills perfectly. ... (5 replies)
... While i know it may not be a direct cause and there may be underlying problems as well, I have reason to believe that this pill is causing her to feel this way as similar occurrences have happened before when she was on previous pills although nothing this severe and they usually resolve themselves. ... (0 replies)
... I think you should take the Plan B to be safe, I've taken Plan B once because I forgot a pill, the pharmasist told me to continue taking my birth control pills as usual, I'm on Yasmin too. It didn't effect my period at all but that dosn't mean it won't effect yours, as we are all different. ... (1 replies)
... no birth control isnt as bad as it seems, ive been on birth control since i was 13 and im 17 now and the obly side effect ive ever had was a little more weight gain than normal but that was only wen my period hit anyway so no one cared :wave: so if you wanta start go ahead the side effects are different for every woman. (19 replies)
... As long as you eat right and exercise and fight those cravings for sweets then you wont gain any. ... (19 replies)
... I didn't notice any difference in my mood and whatnot. So as far as feeling "hormonal" goes, it still probably depends on your body and what you're taking. ... (19 replies)
... its definatly not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. ... (19 replies)
... and read on a website that it can be used as an ECP. The site said to take 5 pills within the first 120 hours and then another 5 pills 12 hours later. ... (1 replies)

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