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... i keep reading about hormones and side effects, but mine seem to contradict each other, especially when it comes to estrogen and androgenic pills. ... (0 replies)
... I am on my 2nd month of Aviane. I did start getting a yeast infection towards the end of my first pack but luckily I had a difulcan handy and it cleared right up. I have heard that Aviane can cause yeast infections. Who knows. ... (5 replies)
... Cyclen and I gained weight but only a few pounds. I was thinking about getting on Yasmin. ... (13 replies)

... Yasmin and Yaz have a diuretic in it so that can help you loose water weight but not fat. It's trial and error with BCP what works for one person may make another gain weight. I was on Aleese for years. It's a good pill but I had more weight lose on Desogen. ... (10 replies)
... I was on Necon forever and it was fine until I reached my 30's, then I started to get extremely moody, depressed etc. So my Dr. switched me Aviane and all hell broke loose, acne, mood swings like you ready about, crying jags, weight gain, fatigue and general malaise. I was really losing and my mother and Dr. ... (7 replies)
... here can be a differnt percentage of chemicals than in another pill that comes in the same package...I know that there have been people who have been on generics and the brand name and have said that there is a difference... ... (3 replies)
... Don't be worried. The drugs are chemically identical. In many cases, generics are even made by the same company that makes the brands. Although I've never used Alesse, I have switched from brands to generics when generics were introduced to the market. I've never had a problem. (3 replies)
... Hey all - I have been on alesse for approximately 3 months now -- however aviane (which is the generic) is 3x cheaper than alesse, but I was just afraid to go on it because generics make me nervous. now, I know that everybody has their different opinions on generics (believe me, I've done a lot of research on the viewpoints since I'm scared like that lol) but I was... (3 replies)
... Yaz, Aviane, and Loestrin 24 Fe. ... (3 replies)
... Ogestrel. In a 2 month period of time, she has gained 10 pounds. She exercisies regularly and eats healthy, so this is the only change in her life. ... (8 replies)
... I don't see a pattern at all. My main worries are weight gain, skin condition and mood. I'd also love to find a pill that didn't make me lose hair or get even more facial hair. A normal libido would be great too. So basically I want it all! ... (1 replies)
... for almost 2 months and I have not had my period. So, I am hoping this is a side effect from switching over from aviane. ... (6 replies)
... or, less frequently, I'll be incredibly depressed, to the point where I can barely function. Then, magically, once my period ends, the switch is flipped and I return to a pretty normal state of being. Antidepressants have not helped the panic, and some have actually made me depressed when I wasn't. ... (7 replies)
... I am on my 5th month of Seasonique. It has been great except for the weight gain which is depressing me terribly. I diet and work out and do 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and the weight will NOT budge. Normally I can lose weight when I want to but this pill is making it impossible. ... (2 replies)
... almost like i was having my period. this eventually turned into me getting my period twice a month. i also had crazy moods on this one. however, there was no weight gain at all and no acne troubles. ... (9 replies)
... Aviane is the only one that hasn't made me gain. The Nuvaring didn't either, but that made me have discharge. I gained a lot of weight on the Patch and Ortho Tricyclen. ... (6 replies)
... Since the change I've gained 15 lbs, gone up a cup size, have headaches, fatigue and acne at my hairline from one eye to the other across my forehead. ... (1 replies)
Feb 9, 2005
... Took many and kinds. I posted all of them somewhere on another topic. Never had an weight gain, break through bleeding or loss of sex drive but I did get migrains. I am now back on Desogen and migrains are gone. ... (15 replies)
... I am currently taking Aviane...the generic brand of alesse...i have been taking it for about 5 months now, and am experiencing problems with it. ... (1 replies)
... the person who prescribed those pills to you wrote "DISPENSE AS WRITTEN" then more than likely you will get a generic substitution as well. I have both negative and positive things to say for this pill. ... (1 replies)

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