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... Has anyone tried Ortho Evra (BC patch)? I want to try it to clear my stubborn, severe acne that will not go away. 2 of my friends love the patch. Any feedback? BTW: I have already tried: OTC, Alesse, Ortho Novum 7/7/7, Ortho Tri Levlen and Yasmin. Thanks. (1 replies)
... Basically she'd been off the patch for 2 or 3 weeks since her last period and I'm wondering what the odds are of her getting pregnant being off bc such a short time. Also, how high is the danger of pregnancy when a condom comes off inside her like that. ... (3 replies)
... effective but if used exactly as directed, it's very effective. Keep using the patch and if you miss a period this month, take a test. ... (3 replies)

... nancy and hormonal birth control. You might want to look into that. I'd suggest a test too, just in case. If it's positive, you should probably stop using the BC and consult your doctor ASAP. ... (3 replies)
... However, the fact that you had sex only a few days after starting the patch increases your risk of pregnancy. ... (3 replies)
... n me and he has been for about almost two weeks and I was wondering if I could get pregnant is he keeps ejaculating in side of me and if I should just sto taking BC all together. Someone please answer my question. ... (3 replies)
... thought that using them with the patch would be different. If anyone knows for sure, I'd love to know. ... (3 replies)
... The antibiotics thing is pretty sketchy and some dr's and pharmacies tell you and some dont. When I am on antibiotics I get bleeding. SO something is happening there. time I started feeling very sick and was bleeding...patch was loose. Just things to be aware of. I am not married so we feel it reassuring to use condoms as well. I won't use them when I get... (3 replies)
... hello, My wife is on her first 'week 4' using the Ortho Evra patch. We're both 25 and know pretty little about BC (short of what we've researched on the patch and discussed with her doc). I was wondering, is there any definitive way to know when you're "protected"? E.g. is there anything the doc can test so you know for sure? Since the consequences of a screwup are so... (3 replies)
... I love the patch NOW. ... (1 replies)
... A few years ago, I used the Allese. It made me feel like I had no energy and I did gain some weight. I got off of BC completely for about 2 years, but since I have a lot of ovulation pain, my doctor made me get back on it. I am using the BC patch and I love it. ... (7 replies)
... There are two types of birth control pills, combined with 2 hormones and mini pill. Both cause side effects and the side effects are different for each woman. So while one woman will be fine on one combined pill she won't be on another one or a mini-pill and vice versa. Recommended options are: 1. Patch - it's basically the pill but in patch form so has same side effects... (3 replies)
... I started BC patch a few weeks ago I completed the first month and had the normal withdrawal bleed. ... (0 replies)
... i had the MIRENA in and it was causeing alot of heatly after haveing it taken out i went on the patch..i have not had a full peroid or even a 2 day peroid since its been out..over a year and not even a full week all together in a this normal..been to my dr and he keeps sending me for preg tests which are always neg....anyone else having any issues after... (0 replies)
... I'm looking for a BC pill that is natural or alternative to the Depo for my 18yr old daughter. ... (0 replies)
... I took Diane BC pills until I was 48. Felt great on them. I went back on them at 55 to 57. Not recommended to be on BC bills at my age but I had not gone into Menopause. Finally I am in at 57. I went from Diane to Vivelle Dot patch. I felt great on it...... ... (3 replies)
... It looks like the pill (including the nuva ring or the patch) isn't an option at this point in time because you're not near your period. In order for the pill to be effective against pregnancy, you must take it on the first day of your period. I'm not all that familiar with the depo shot, so I don't know if you need to get it around the time of your period or not. The... (4 replies)
... Usually you have about a 24 hour time frame to work with so I doubt you should have to take plan b. If you goodle your brand of BC patch you should be able to pull up the info and it will tell you how long you have if you miss a day. Mine says 24 hours and then after that I know to worry. ... (1 replies)
... For the last 8 months or so it seems that no matter which brand of birth control pill I am on, I get a yeast infection within the first few weeks of starting it. Since I never get yeast infections once off the pill, I KNOW it is directly correlated to that. I did some research and found out that yeast feeds off the estrogen in the pills. With that said, I switched to a... (0 replies)
... I tried 2 regular combination pills, two low dose pills, Nuva Ring and the bc Patch. ALL of them made me sick! and i dont mean nauseous sick..I mean very, very sick. BUT, I switched to the shot a year ago, and, tada, no more being sick! ... (3 replies)

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