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... I have been on birth control pills for too long. I would love to get off of them to clear my body of hormones but we are afraid of getting pregnant right away. ... (3 replies)
... Being on birth control pills for any amount of time will make your period irregular, especially if you stop taking the pills mid-pack. Because you are just starting, you may have break through bleeding (usually just spotting, but definitely not your period). To decrease the possibility of breakthrough bleeding, take vitamin C, and if/when you start to bleed, take a couple... (5 replies)
... After being on many different pills for 7 years I recently i went off the pill because i was getting too many headaches and i wanted to see if the pill was causing them. ... (2 replies)

... Well, I went on birth control pills when I was 16 because I was having rough periods not for actual birth control. I was having terrible cramping that would keel me over and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry! ... (8 replies)
... Okay, lemme see if I can turn a long story into a short one. ... (10 replies)
... That I'm aware of, no. I have been on birth control pills for 5 years due to cysts on my ovaries. The hormones in the pills are supposed to suppress ovarian cyst growth. It has helped me alot. ... (4 replies)
... only was on it for 3 months bc she had the worst periods of her life and felt like complete crap. She had such cramps, heavy heavy bleeding and just was miserable. ... (4 replies)
... ntroversy surrounding the history of birth control but again, information available to the public and not connected to industry, shows a clear connection between birth control and increased risk and number of cases of cervical and breast cancer. ... (7 replies)
... I too get seriously depressed when on any Birth Control with hormones. ... (4 replies)
... I think I saw this post on another forum... ... (4 replies)
Please respond
Mar 23, 2010
... you should be fine with being on birth control. the only thing to watch out for is if you have taking or are taking antibiotics. that will cancel out the birth control. it is still a good idea to keep track of your body but i wouldnt worry about it too much. ... (3 replies)
... am or later I drank a little too much and threw up. ... (3 replies)
... Hi. I have been on the pill for the last two months, using it solely for birth control. ... (1 replies)
... hile I was aware that libido loss was a risk, I didn't know that it could be permanent. Needless to say this has scared me and I can't find very much information on the subject which makes me even more anxious. ... (9 replies)
... cause they would blur or my eyes would get dry and they'd become painful. The few times I did have my period it was extremely heavy and I spent days just laying on the couch. If it wasn't for the fact I lost my insurance there's no way I would have stayed off the pill long enough for all those symptoms to mostly go away. ... (9 replies)
... I started the pill when I was 15 as well and went off of it was 23. I went off because I felt like I was on it too long and if I ever wanted to start a family I needed time for my hormones to go back to how they were. ... (1 replies)
Too-Early Period
Sep 5, 2012
... twice due to illness and once simply because I forgot. Until now, I have had no issues and no concerns. Even now, I'm fairly certain that I'm just being paranoid! ... (0 replies)
... Just like you i too was scared to take BC reasons were different though. ... (8 replies)
... day 20, the first cycle it moved it to day 17, the next month day 13, and I've been ovulating at day 13 ever since. Many women have success with Vitex spurring on ovulation. It might or might not work for you but it's worth a try. ... (34 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 23, 2006
... t owl" and i thrive at night, whereas im usually tired in the morning and hate to wake up. nothing in my schedule or eating habits have changed. im not used to being this tired.... ... (137 replies)

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