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... ut IUDs that have scared me silly and I want to relate a real person's 'a bit uncomfortable, not that scary but true' experience for anyone who is considering an IUD or IUS. ... (1 replies)
IUD vs Pill
Sep 25, 2006
... the IUD can fall out or become displaced and not work properly. ... (6 replies)
... she is 2. I have read alot about the IUD this morning and it did say alot of what my doctor told me. But everybody just has to use their own judgement I guess. ... (13 replies)

... The information your doctor gave you is inaccurate. The IUD's being used today are very, very safe. It is the IUD of the '70's that gave problems like the ones your doctor described. ... (13 replies)
Questions re: IUD
Jan 12, 2006
... If you've only have the thing for 6 months, i would go get it checked via sonogram, just to be safe. The insertion should not be that painful. just a bit of cramping. My doctor said the same thing yours did and that my cervix was real small. mine was painful, and 2 years later, i'm finding out that when it was inserted, it went all the way through my uterus and punctured my... (10 replies)
... provera, the patch, the ring, anything. The IUD has like a 99. ... (13 replies)
Mirena IUD
Feb 4, 2005
... when I got the IUD. It took a while but it took the edge off the pain, not significantly for me though and I had a lot of headaches from the tumors and after the IUD implantation headaches increased and they were more severe. Now the IUD has gone into my uterus and I have to have a quick surgery next week to get it out. ... (55 replies)
... and is also better if you've had a child. Women who haven't had children can still use the IUD but there is a higher incidence of expulsion of the IUD or of the uterus not being large enough to insert it. ... (13 replies)
Some IUD questions
Jul 17, 2011
... I had my Paragard IUD inserted when I was 20 after going off the pill. I loved it because I was looking for something long term, and with little hassle. ... (4 replies)
Cramping and IUD?
May 19, 2011
... My doctor wants to put a Mirena IUD in me to help with my endometriosis, and I am quite skeptical about how helpful it will be. ... (7 replies)
... Ok so yesterday I got the IUD called Mirena. I have read a lot of horror stories about it but also many success stories. ... (2 replies)
... you can have an IUD inserted anytime. expulsion has nothing to do with whether or not you have your period. ... (2 replies)
Questions re: IUD
Dec 10, 2005
... i have had my Mirena IUD for six months now. it has hormones, but has not made me moody at all like the birth control pill did. ... (10 replies)
... It looks like I have made the decison to have Mirena IUD put in to reduce my heavy periods and shrink a cyst. ... (2 replies)
... conceived baby, which dies because of fertilizers. I strongly recommend Natural Family Planning Methods as the best for health, growth and relationship growth. ... (0 replies)
... i cant wait till me periods stop completly for the next 5years the best thing id have to say is even tho my boyfriend and i still use protection its secretly seducing knowing if we didnt want to .... ... (8 replies)
... I have the paragard IUD and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it !! ... (6 replies)
... My pamphlet on Mirena actually shows all of the side effects you have mentioned. well all of them except the memory loss... I live in My Mirena IUD box and instructions in the box different? ... (2 replies)
... The Mirena IUD is right for some folks and not right for others...just like any medicine in life. I learned that it wasn't right for me. The best advice is that go to a doctor that will pay attention and listen to you... ... (3 replies)
... i have also heard several people say they had bad cramping the first few months after getting one. I'd say the best thing to do is just talk to your gyno about it, and if he says its normal get some meds for the pain, or take something like ibuprofen daily and see if it helps! ... (8 replies)

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