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... I took loestrin for about 7 months til stopping a while ago because i am trying to lose weight. my weight is causing health problems and so i am trying to become healthier. i would like to be on birth control again. ... (0 replies)
... I'm a 23 year old female, never been sexually active but recently have gotten involved with a wonderful man who I love very much, and we both want to have sex. I have never been on birth control, and don't know very much about the various pill options out there. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I need to know the best ways to eat to avoid weight gain while on Birth Control. ... (1 replies)

... Most professionals agree that birth control does not cause weight gain or hinder weight loss. However, many women will disagree. ... (3 replies)
... think theres any evidence to suggest the pill increases the chance of breast cancer. but if you are worried, first off, tell the gynecologist about your worries and get information from her... ... (1 replies)
... I have gained at least 10 pounds on birth control, and I hate it... ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Alesse for about a year. My periods were fairly normal. The last few months i have been working out, eating healthy , and losing weight. I have dopped 15 pounds. The last few months my periods have been very weird. I start spotting about a week and a half early... ... (1 replies)
... I'm 16 and have been on Alesse birth control pills since March 2012. ... (0 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
May 12, 2006
... I am on the second week on Yaz. I have been taking birth control pills for almost two years now, and so far I think this has been the best pill with regards to less mood swings, and less emotional stress..... ... (137 replies)
... Loosing a lot of weight quickly can affect your menstrual cycle, but it shouldn't affect the effectiveness of the birth control. ... (1 replies)
... Few months ago I got fed up when my period kept interfearing with my life and found out about the option of not having a period at all. ... (8 replies)
... I have been on birth control now for about 5 months and I have actually been losing weight. I'm sure this isn't really common, but everyone is different. ... (5 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Apr 18, 2006
... Is anyone on Yaz birth control. It is a lower dose than Yasmin. My doctor said that it is suppose to clear up acne and she said tests on it shows women losing weight not gaining. ... (137 replies)
... just because my body was adjusting to not having consistent ingestion of hormones and getting rid of all the excess ones that had piled up from being on birth control for a year. ... (3 replies)
... No, I disagree about birth control pills. If she starts taking them like right now then in 4 weeks it will be in full effect. ... (7 replies)
... Personally, I think that some doctors just say that weight gain is probably due to increased appetite, when they really don't know what's causing the weight gain. ... (7 replies)
... I personally love Yasmin its been good for my acne, Im all clear now, but it took 4 months to work, so hang in there, I also found it helped me lose weight, I lost 10 in the first 3 weeks probably mostly water, and Ive been losing weight steadily now, I work out 3 days a week, on Ortho Tri-Cyclen I couldn't lose a pound while working out everyday, so its been way better for me... (10 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your weight gain! I'm on Yasmin too and have been okay so far. I was going to ask you, has the weight gain happened throughout the 2 years or has it happened very quicky and recently? ... (5 replies)
... thats for your concern about the weight loss, the thing is for the past two months i have eaten right and have gone to the gym everyother day for 2 hours and i was losing weight 18 pounds then i got my 1st injection and gained 15 pounds in 2 weeks its not like i am sitting on the couch eating potato chips, i can't seem to lose the weight ever since i took that injection so i... (7 replies)
... There are NO studies that show you lose weight with this pill. Actually, there is significant weight gain after a year. Also, after a year, a lot of women lose a lot of their hair not to mention their libido and increased mood swings and irratibility. ... (137 replies)

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