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... Before going on birth control, I was a 32D bra size. ... (0 replies)
... your friend to go up a cup size? ... (5 replies)
... I stopped taking birth control altogether nearly 3 months ago and I have just started to notice my sex drive trickling back in. ... (1 replies)

... I'm dating a new girl, great person, love hanging out with her, and she has a great body. One thing that gets her down is the fact her breasts are off by about a cup size. One is a B, the other is a C. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, i was wondering for those of you who went on birth control and your cup size went up.. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, This is my first time on birth control. I've never been sexually active and I was just curious about one thing. ... (0 replies)
... Because it is not the exactly the same thing as what you were prescribed, what I could say could be a little different. First off, birth control and weight gain are more often then not misunderstood. ... (8 replies)
... for period reasons at first, NOW as birth control! ... (5 replies)
... I am 18 years old and I have been on Yaz for about two months now. Right before taking this birth control, I barely fit a 32A but I was noticing that about a month or two before I started the birth control, I was having a growth spurt with my breasts & my family tends to be late bloomers, at least my mom is & she's now a 36B. After getting on Yaz I have gone up about a cup... (1 replies)
... Probably they will shrink back again. It might take awhile though. I had major water retention and bloating as well as bigger boobs on the pill (also up a cup size), and I'm just over 2 months off the pill but only within the last week or so have I been noticing that my boobs seem smaller (about half a cup size smaller). (4 replies)
... for 3 years now! I was a "B" cup and now i'm a "C"!! ... (11 replies)
... It really depends on the pill. Each pill will affect every person differently. When I was on OTCLo it did not affect my breast size at all. But then I got put on Necon and they went up a cup size or so. They fluctuate though during placebo week they go back to their regular size. ... (1 replies)
... pounds. I am going to the gym more often to control it. My breast size has increased by a cup size in the first two months. This is a strange but welcomed change, I won't need to ever buy implants. ... (4 replies)
Yaz Birth control
Aug 22, 2006
... I have been on Yaz for 5 months and yes I did lose weight. In the past birth control has always made me bloated and my boobs grow a whole cup size! Yaz has a dieretic in it so you don't retain any water. I do workout on top of it, but I can tell Yaz has helped me, not hindered my progress in anyway. ... (1 replies)
... and went up a cup size, from a 36C to a 38D, and no weight gain elsewhere. It happened within the first month and stayed that way until I stopped taking it three months later. ... (5 replies)
... ok. so she just started to take the pill yazz and she takes it every night at midnight. tonight will be her third pill. so now we are just wondering how long she has to be on it for us to start seeing any noticable size changes in cup size and/or fullness. btw, i really appriciate a disscusion thread like this filled with honest people and mature attitudes. :bouncing: :) (5 replies)
... and had no weight gain elsewhere. I do agree with the others, though, don't take it just to increase your breast size because the pill can have a whole host of other side effects that can be pretty nasty. ... (5 replies)
... My breasts have gone up about a cup size, but it's not permanent (they sadly go away on the sugar pills). You sound like you might be concerned about weight, though, and BCP does cause water retention. It isn't bad for me and goes away (again) with the sugar pills, but you really shouldn't mess with BCP unless you are taking it for some other reason because there are some... (5 replies)
... I have been on Yaz for 3 months, and my breasts have gone up a whole cup size. I am not going to continue to take it after this pack is finished. ... (4 replies)
... I am on my second packet of yasmin and my breasts are a little bigger.How long did it take to grow up a cup size? ... (2 replies)

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