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Dec 1, 2012
... I take the birth control Tri-Sprintec. I was unable to take it for 1 or 2 weeks until I got a new pack. Will that have an effect on my period? Instead of how it regularly is, I got it a couple days early, & it's really light :confused: (0 replies)
... I take it no problems like that. Maybe its stress or anxiety for you. Honestly all birth control will have side effects no matter which one you take. ... (2 replies)
... I am a teenage girl and this is my first time taking birth control. my physician put me on tri sprintec because of the low cost, but i am wondering about the sideffects. I have read a bunch of articles and posts about it, and have gotten mixed messages. ... (2 replies)

... I am taking birth control more for horrible cramps,acne, clotting, aches pains, etc..... Never had any of these problems until after I had my child 4 years ago. . ... (2 replies)
... sprintec birth control. Obviously BIG mistake because I just had breakthrough bleeding. ... (0 replies)
... My birth control, Tri Sprintec says to begin taking the Sunday after your period ends but mine is still going and I cant not take the pill, I am a married woman. ... (3 replies)
... Over the past 3 years I have taken both Ortho Tri Cyclen and Tri Sprintec. ... (1 replies)
... My girlfriend got a perscription for tri sprintec birth control about a month ago. She started taking it the first sunday after her period, and has been pretty consistent except the first week she missed 1 day. ... (0 replies)
... nd just started the pill normally. Wednesday would just have been your start day. Any time you have to double up on pills means you need to use another form of birth control for the month. Period. ... (1 replies)
... When first being perscribed this birth control, my doctor said that I could have a sunday start, even though it was the wednesday after the sunday I was supposed to start, I would just have to take two a day until I caught up. I had unprotected sex on the second day of starting Tri-sprintec, and I took the Plan B pill. After that, (as if I didnt learn my lesson) I had... (1 replies)
... I started taking tri sprintec about 11 months ago. I know that birth control can cause spider veins but i dont know to this extent. ... (0 replies)
... may have a negative effect on birth control pills. ... (3 replies)
... I've been on birth control (Tri-Sprintec) for almost two of my cycles now. Over break I had sex again with my boyfriend, this was after I was told the birth control would be effective (roughly 5 weeks after I started the pill) and contracted a UTI, which I have a history of getting easily. I haven't missed and days and have taken them at the same time every day. When I... (3 replies)
... I have been where you are. When I was kicked off my parents insurance I wanted to find a cheaper way of getting birth control pills. ... (2 replies)
... Cycle as my birth control. ... (0 replies)
... I'm afraid that this might actually be an indication of pregnancy and not caused by the birth control. ... (0 replies)
... lost about 8 pounds, my periods are lighter, no cramping, not too much bloating and no pms or mood swings. I also read that some people had bad side effects, but birth control is different for everyone, as you can tell seeing that I've had a good outcome. ... (1 replies)
... I just took my first tri-sprintec tablet today. I've been reading about others' reactions to the pills and it sounds horrific - two week straight periods, excessive cramping, more moody than usual, etc. I know everyone is different in how they react, but if anyone has any positive outcomes of tri-sprintec, that would be great to hear, as I'm kind of worried since I get bad... (1 replies)
Birth control
Feb 13, 2011
... and it uses the same hormone ingredients as the Sprintec products. ... (1 replies)
Birth control
Feb 5, 2011
... sprintec is. I have been switched from ortho tricyclen lo to sprintec and would like to know the difference. ... (1 replies)

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