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... about two weeks ago or so, i woke up and my birth control patch had rolled up partially against itself but was still attached to me. ... (0 replies)
Birth control
Apr 8, 2018
... Yes. That's right. (4 replies)
Birth control
Apr 7, 2018
... Thank you so much! Yeah im on my period rite now. So I'll just skip today since I took my last pill yesterday and start the new pack tomorrow on Sunday... Rite? (4 replies)

Birth control
Apr 7, 2018
... I think she's saying she took Friday and Saturday pills on Friday. Yes, I would wait and start the new pack on Sunday as normal. You're fine. Don't take any pills today. (4 replies)
Birth control
Apr 7, 2018
... Sorry, but I am alittle confused....was this your last pill before you get your period? If so, dont start a new pack...just let your period come and then start back on the day you are supposed to start... However, if your period is not due now- yes, open up a new pack and keep going. Dont skip a day UNLESS you are expecting your period anyway. It could come a day sooner-... (4 replies)
Birth control
Apr 6, 2018
... Hi, I'm on my last week of my pills actually I'm a Sunday starter so I took my last Friday pill for this month around noon I just now took my last Saturday pill for this month stupid me idk what I was thinking I guess I was thinking that it was Saturday so anyways what do I do about tomorrow's pill? Should I just skip it or should I open a new pack and start my Sunday starter... (4 replies)
Pills by weight?
Mar 20, 2018
... anted to start the pill while I figure out if I want to try an iud, shot or implant. My question is I am reading if you are over weight you shouldnt use low dose birth control because it may not work? ... (0 replies)
... ve been on the pill for approximately 5 years. I completely missed my period last month which has happened a few times. I was supposed to start my birth control on January 31st but I waited a few days hoping my period would come. I ended up starting on Feb 3rd. On the 6th day of my new pack I had unprotected sex. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend ejaculated inside me for the first time since I've been on birth control (Lo Loestrin Fe). I've been taking the pill since October of 2016 and sometimes skip a period or have irregular periods, which my doctor says is normal on this particular pill. I take it at the same time every day and have never missed a day, although there have been a few incidences in the... (0 replies)
... About four weeks ago I took my last active birth control pill. The last time I had sex was about five weeks ago, I did do non penetrative about 3 weeks. ... (1 replies)
... d there, chronic anovulation, which apart from causing weight gain, irregular periods, insulin resistance and many things causes infertility, so he prescribed me birth control pills, which I've been taking religiously every day at the same time, I even have an alarm, never skipped one, always taken them on time. ... (1 replies)
... That's the purpose of birth control- so that you can have sex any time without fear of pregnancy. sorry that was not explained to you. As long as you have taken it as prscribed, you are protected. Don't do plan B - that will totally mess up your periods for 2-3 months. You are good. (1 replies)
... So I've been on birth control for about 7-8 months now. First they started me on Lutera then they switched me to Aviane. Same pill apparently just discontinued lutera so they switched me over. It's the combination 28 day pill. I have not missed a day of my pills since I started and I take it every day pretty much exactly at the same time. I finished my 7 day sugar pill week... (1 replies)
... If you skip the placebos, AND take birth control pills on those won't bleed. It's called continuous birth control.. I did this for years. If you, the OP, have any questions about my experience, please PM me. ... (7 replies)
... I took continuous low dose birth control pills for 20 years. I can't tell you what is best for you but I can tell you what I was told.. ... (7 replies)
... I have 3 month supply of monophastic pills. I am going away for 6 weeks and trying to not get my period during that time; however, I just recently starting take the pill, I have almost a full month completed. Does anyone know if it would be better for me to...(not taking pill for birth control, just for period control) A. Take the 3 months continuously without placebo weeks... (7 replies)
... I was suppose to go back to get my second birth control shot, but I decided I don't want to be on birth control considering I'm not really sexually active. It has been about 2 months since August, and I have been on my period for those 2 months and still am. ... (1 replies)
... cyclen lo 28 for about 3 months. Before that I was on Alesse 28 for a little over 2 years. Anyways, about 4 weeks ago I accidentally started my birth control pack with the placebo pills and continued about half way through to week 3 before realizing I went in reverse. ... (1 replies)
... Ive been on birth control for 1 month (Alysena28) and have experienced some mood swings. I know mood swings are just a side effect but will that affect my ability to get pregnant? Will I get pregnant while having sex with these side effects or is it okay to go a head and have sex? (1 replies)
... is taking birth control pills and its working for you. ... (1 replies)

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