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... days after and had nothing since, now i've started bleeding 2 weeks earlier than my due on date and i've been bleeding for 2 weeks straight, it's not heavy but it goes from very light to mild and it isnt showing signs of stopping. ... (1 replies)
... What I do is I skip the sugar pills to skip my periods and only stop taking the pill to allow my period to come after 2 or so months. ... (1 replies)
... I just went on Alesse two weeks ago, my dr. started me on the 3rd day of my cycle and I haven't stopped bleeding for 2 weeks now. I am getting so frustrated I have called telehealth, talked to Pharmasit and my Dr. It isn't light bleeding or spotting, its like having another period. ... (1 replies)

... I am on triphasil birth control for 5 years now. Periods usually very regular . ... (1 replies)
... I'm 24 and have been on Alesse BC for 9 months now. ... (4 replies)
... body time to adjust again, because any time you double up on your pills, it's going to cause your hormones to get really weirded out. That's why you've got the bleeding right now. ... (8 replies)
BC bleeding
Jul 16, 2005
... Ideally, the spotting should stop after a few cycles. Although it's inconvenient, she really should stick with the pill to allow it time to regulate. However, if the spotting continues after several cycles, she should look into a stronger strengthed pill. (4 replies)
BC bleeding
Jul 14, 2005
... bleeding for 2 weeks straight since switching. when should this stop? ... (4 replies)
... hello, I have been on microgynon 30 for 3 months I've got my 4 last pills, 2 weeks ago I started bleeding, It was because I kept messing up the times of my pills having them very late,or earlier then later, I've been taking the pill to stop periods, And this is driving me crazy,I feel uncomfortable,dirty,I just can not anymore,I feel depressed because of the bleeding,I... (2 replies)
... I'm 22 now. I've been spotting 2 weeks before my period for 2 and a half years now. ... (3 replies)
... Ever since then, i have been bleeding every day. For 2 weeks, it was almost like a regular period and I felt terrible. Now, in the third week, it is much lighter but still requires a pad or lite tampon. ... (0 replies)
... Is it normal to have breakthrough bleeding for 1 and a half weeks straight ? ... (0 replies)
... Omg, I feel your pain. I'm almost through my first pack and for 2 weeks i've had nothing but BTB. Now I'm almost to the brown pills and it's making me even more angry because i don't want to go through an actual period. ... (3 replies)
... I had the implanon implant inserted in december 2009 and bled for the first 2 weeks. after that i had no bleeding until a year later 2010 which was xmas just gone and bled for 4 days, i stopped and now started bleeding again 2 weeks later. Is this normal? ... (0 replies)
... I've actually been on Depo for almost 5 years now. I have never had any problems with it until this year. I bled for nearly 6 months straight. At first they didn't seem to care and told me it's normal and should get better after another shot. It didn't. ... (5 replies)
... I really hope someone out there can help me and shed some light on this for me. I have been on YAZ since Oct 2008. No problems. In fact, for a mom of 35 I had started breaking out like I was 14 again. It was horrible. ... (0 replies)
... didn't specify when to take it so I just started it on a monday and missed Sunday but I was still bleeding cause i was told to switch so I did, I haven't stopped bleeding since and I'm on the 3rd week, it's not a lot of blood but it's the same amount every day and it's really irritating, no cramps or anything just light blood. ... (0 replies)
Sep 24, 2008
... My daughter has never had a period until her Doctor started her on loestrin24FE. Now that she started her period she has been bleeding for 2 weeks so hard that she is unable to go to work and stay there. She is also having panic attacks and major cramping. What should we do for her? ... (1 replies)
Day 1 Start
Jul 20, 2008
... e weird! I keep starting exactly 1 week before I'm supposed to, which means not only do I bleed lightly that week, but during the "off week" I bleed even heavier for another week. Eventhough it is light, I don't enjoy bleeding for 2 weeks!! ... (2 replies)
... I been on loestrin for 2 weeks, and I stop taking them due to the side effects. I stop taking them on Thursday and started bleeding on Saturday an I am still bleeding. ... (1 replies)

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