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... Alot of people say that weird bleeding and stuff happens usually within the first 3 packs, and everything gets better afterwards. i hope so.... anyways has anyone here have the same problem ? ... (2 replies)
... hi...i am new to this and i have been reading some good things...i have a little problem..this is my secound month on estrostep fe, the first month was fine i had a little spotting for a day or two but i thought that was normal and i got my period on the 4th week for 5 days.... ... (0 replies)
... I have taken BCP most of the time in the last 15 years of my life. I have gone off for a couple of years, and recently got back on about 9 months ago. ... (0 replies)

... I'm more concerned about the drug interaction between Yasmin and Aldactone, too. Does BOTH your doctor and your pharmacist know that you're using both? ... (4 replies)
... I've been on Yasmin for 6 months. ... (4 replies)
... This is a common side effect. I am on Yasmin and luckily did not have any side effects, but many people do on ANY pill when first starting. ... (3 replies)
... I've always had very irregular periods when I'm not on the pill, fluctuating between not having one for months at a time and then having them that last for months. ... (2 replies)
... I didn't have any breakthrough bleeding on yasmin. ... (4 replies)
... is that it caused some weight gain, this is why I went on Yasmin instead. ... (4 replies)
... outs with Yaz. But since I was on Yasmin for 2 years before switching to Yaz, maybe my body was used to whatever might trigger acne. ... (2 replies)
... those to get your period. If you skip them, you won't get one, instead it will mess up your body and you might bleed for awhile, especially while first getting on the pill. The sugar pills give your body a week's break from the hormones, which it needs. Usually, they're not even made of sugar, just inert ingredients. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on Yasmin for about 2 weeks now, first time on BC pills actually, I started it because after my last period was finished, I started bleeding like 3 days later, and my doctor put me on it to stop the second bleeding. It did work for a few days, but then agian bang! ... (8 replies)
... My first 2 weeks on Yasmin I experienced headaches and nausea. The nausea lessened if I ate when I took the pill. ... (17 replies)
... I still don't think I'm used to the Yasmin and am finishing up my last pack. ... (17 replies)
... Well i have been on Yasmin for over a year and i must say its a good pill, but mighty expensive as each month i get it it goes up in price. ... (17 replies)
... Ok, I've been on Yasmin for almost a month, before that I was on Mircette for like 2 weeks (I was bleeding like hell on Mircette) so my doctor switched me to Yasmin even though I asked for Ortho-Cyclen (she put me on a plan where I don't get my period, I skip the week pill and you cant do that on Ortho Tri-Cyclen which I was on for a year and a half with no problems except I... (12 replies)
... you my yasmin story as I am getting some of the same stuff you've got going on and I have not been on it as long as you.... ... (12 replies)
... I just went back to my normal self ad soon as I got off... I don't remember awkward bleeding... But having a light period makes sense for a couple of days after you get off the pill. I guess hormones aren't for everyone. Hope you can get your old regular self back soon! :)) (8 replies)
... the heavier bleeding stopped and the spotting started ... ... (3 replies)
... you should not of stopped taking yasmin...stopping it will not the help the situation, if anything it made it worse. (5 replies)

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