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... Hi everyone! I am a 34 year old female who has been on various birth control pills since age 16. I am a non-smoker and don't want kids anytime soon (if ever). I had breakthrough bleeding when I was on Ovcon-35 so my gyn switched me to Yaz. Now after being on Yaz for over a year I am having breakthrough bleeding during my 2nd/3rd week of pills. At this point I am wondering... (0 replies)
... taking Loestrin Fe for 3 weeks now.First week was fine but then during the end of the second week i noticed a little spotting.Well the third day of it was heavy bleeding and now i have been bleeding for almost 11 days now.Does anyone know when this will stop or what it is? ... (0 replies)
... and I've been bleeding for two weeks now. Everything was fine for the first three weeks, but starting in my fourth week up until now, I've had breakthrough bleeding and light cramping. ... (2 replies)

... I'm on my fifth week of Seasonique now. The first three weeks were great, but I've had breakthrough bleeding since last week and now into this week. It's not heavy bleeding, but it's enough to be a nuisance. I'm going to stick it out and see what happens, though. ... (10 replies)
... joined mainly to ask this question. I've been taking loestrin 24 FE for the last year and a half, if not more. I have always had months where I get cramps but no bleeding followed by a month where I get a light period or a heavier period that lasts maybe 3 days. ... (1 replies)
... Please help!! Do you get your period on time after your first breakthrough bleeding? Im on loestrin 24 fe (0 replies)
... So, I had been on Loestrin 24 for about two years, and then I started getting slight bleeding inbetween periods so my doctor put me on microgestin fe 1.5 30 and I had been on it all last month but I noticed it was causing hair loss and weight gain. ... (0 replies)
... after about 10 months of not being on it. I started my first pack on the day of my period. Then, I got a breakthrough bleeding 1 week AFTER my period had stopped. Once I got the breakthrough bleeding, I stopped taking my birth control. ... (0 replies)
... for a week...for the first 4 days I was spotting and now I am having a very heavy period. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for a woman's body to stop bleeding and adjust to the pill? ... (2 replies)
... Whenever you take a pill continuously for any length of time it's possible to have breakthrough bleeding because your body will do what it wants to do and if it wants to bleed it will. ... (2 replies)
... of LoSeasonique, I missed ONE pill 2 nights ago and now I am bleeding heavily and have the worst cramps I've ever experienced... What is going on? ... (1 replies)
... I've been taking Loestrine24 FE for over a year now. I did have abnormal bleeding but that stopped after about 3 months. It takes time for your body to adjust. ... (3 replies)
... I'm on the generic for Loestrin, I'm nearly finished with my second pack, and halfway into it I began bleeding and did so for about a week at varying degrees of severity. ... (3 replies)
... I am almost done with my second week of pills, i began on the day of my period. I have been pretty much bleeding since. ... (3 replies)
... Hello. I've been taking Cliest contraceptive Pill for the past approx. 9 years (I am now 27) and never really had any problems with it. I read somewhere recently that if you miss out the 'break week' and continue to take the new pack of Pills then you can delay your period/bleeding. I did this 4 weeks ago - however, I had already started to bleed but I thought it would stop if... (0 replies)
... bleeding. When she told me that many women report no periods at all with Micro, it reminded me of what many say about the Depo shot, however I've heard of people bleeding nonstop on that, so I asked if it might have a similar side effect. ... (0 replies)
... the Mirena insert for about 2.5 years with no trouble. I stopped getting my periods within 2 months of getting it. About 3 weeks ago, out of the blue I started bleeding and having pelvic pain. It lasted about 2 weeks and then stopped. This morning it started back up again. ... (0 replies)
... i been on Loestrin24 FE and i was having the breakthrough bleeding starting with the second pack. My doctor told me to keep taking it for at least 3 packs and see what happens, so i did. ... (3 replies)
... I started Loestrin 24fe as my first one. I was told wait 3mnths and break through bleeding was normal. ... (3 replies)
... I've had breakthrough bleeding for almost 2 weeks now from taking Loestrin 24. All the doctor said was "Don't let it frustrate you too much." Yeah, right. ... (10 replies)

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