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... Okay, I do have an update...I have been taking 800mg 3 times a day of ibuprofen for 2 full days now as I write this...and my BTB is GONE!!!! I was bleeding when I started taking it. It worked despite what the nurse said. ... (3 replies)
... I was on depo for 8 years without any side effects, bleeding, weight gain, etc. It was perfect. I got off depo to have a baby. Had the baby, breastfed, etc. I just got back on depo last week, and I am experiencing breakthru bleeding...which I didn't have the first time around. It's nothing major...and a pantiliner takes care of it...but I'm annoyed. I have no plans to... (3 replies)
... I started spotting. The next day, Friday, the bleeding got heavier. ... (6 replies)

... back to back to avoid period on holiday. Half way through taking second pack, I started bleeding. The first day of bleeding was just spotting, the second day up until now, the bleeding has been very heavy with large clots. ... (0 replies)
... I was thinking of stopping the bc and letting the bleeding go away on its own and then starting the bc over again. Ive had the bleeding in the past with other bc's and i had to stop it in order for the bleeding to stop. So I dont know.. ... (2 replies)
... thanks so much for the information. i was freaking out! my bleeding is now become a lil lesser on and off. somedays be heavy, and some days be light. so i have to wait until my next pack? ... (5 replies)
... The previous poster gives good advice. Also, if you take your pill perfectly and the breakthrough bleeding continues, you need to call your doctor and see if you can get a prescription for a different pill. ... (5 replies)
... I've been bleeding for a week now. ... (5 replies)
Still bleeding??
Jul 24, 2006
... period, which was july 1st..... i continued to have a period after i started taking the pills and i have had a very light period for the past 3 weeks. i am still bleeding this week, week 4, but i am on the sugar pills so that is when im supposed to have my period anyway. ... (2 replies)
Bleeding on Yaz
Jul 13, 2006
... I just wanted to let you know about my experience with YAZ. I actually had breakthrough bleeding the ENTIRE first month on YAZ. I got my period the day before the first white pill... ... (7 replies)
... If you're talking about stopping the pill all together, then yes, you can get pregnant during withdrawal bleeding. Withdrawal bleeding happens because you stopped the pill, and has nothing to do with disposing of the unfertilized egg and unnecessary uterine lining like a period does. ... (5 replies)
... Well, the bleeding continued, almost like a true period with both old and new blood, not frank bleeding, but period blood. ... (1 replies)
... Hi All! I am writing because I am concerned. I switched from Desogen to Sprintec about a week ago. With Desogen, I had terrible moodiness so I was changed over by my MD mid cycle. Everything appeared to be going well up until yesterday. Last night after intercourse with my partner I realized I had some light vaginal bleeding. Not bright red or abundant.. just a little... (7 replies)
... s put on yaz because my periods were messed up she thought this would regulate them. I was given something to jump start my period and was told the day I started bleeding to start the yaz. Well I finally got my period started taking the yaz and now I am going on 31 days of bleeding. ... (2 replies)
... Same thing is happening to me..i am on first pack of Ortho Tri cyclen Lo and i start bleeding during my 17th day on dark blue active pill and have been bleeding ever since...i am now on the green pills..i start the active ones on suday so i hope it will make it stop..its now 10 days of bleeding.. ... (6 replies)
... active pills, if this bleeding stops by then? ... (6 replies)
... through bleeding is a side effect of all brands of birth control, but it usually goes away after a few cycles. ... (1 replies)
... thinking. It's just that I read in a couple of places that breakthrough bleeding could be a symptom of pregnancy. ... (10 replies)
... I had similar experiences when I was on Ortho, but breakthrough bleeding was always worse when I skipped the placebos in order to skip my period. ... (10 replies)
... the bleeding started 3 days after I had sex... ... (10 replies)

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