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... Hi im a 35 yearold female with blood clots still in my body (leg and liver) Im on 10mgs warfarin a day. Its only bein 2 months and still having a hard time controling my irn its at 1.1 today and im scard.Iin sept I lost my small intestines I had 4 surary in 5 days and my doctor only gave me 20% chance of living and I dont want that to happen again. Im not eating any green... (0 replies)
Nov 8, 2008
... if you are on warfarin it depends on what you are taking the warfarin for as to what level inr target the dr's will be trying to get you to. ... (2 replies)
... It's really good that you're keeping note of your INR for your records. I honestly wouldn't worry, the Lovenox has you covered for now, and I'm sure your Dr. will figure something out. ... (36 replies)

... I have a doctor's appointment Monday and also a clinic appointment. I really need more answers as to why my INR isn't increasing at all. I'm going to research Coumadin resistance. Here are my INR levels. ... (36 replies)
... You might want to look for info on Coumadin Resistance, I would definitely ask your Dr. about it. Sometimes it is hereditary. If your INR right now is 1. ... (36 replies)
... Thank you. My daugher's INR was 1.1, but the doctor wanted another 10 days of Lovenox shots along with Warfarin. I was really concerned thinking that her blood was super thick. ... (3 replies)
... has said that the Nattokinaise might not effect the INR but will make my blood 'behave differently'. ... (1 replies)
... If your last INR was 6.1, then your results appear to 'err' on the high side. You should be okay. ... (9 replies)
... My last level was 6.1, but it jumps all over the place. We've had a really hard time getting it regulated. I do have the compression stocking for the flight. The longest leg of my flight is about 8 hours. The others are pretty short. I'm going to have my level checked right before I leave to be sure no adjustment needs to be made for the time I'm away. (9 replies)
... When I developed pulmonary emboli in both lungs my INR was 1.7. ... (2 replies)
... My understanding is that 1 is the normal number for most people. ... (2 replies)
... with blood clots in my lungs I was put on coumadin and lovenox. The lovenox shots were discontinued as the warfarin began to work. Well, the value with my pt inr is low at 1.35 and below theraputic levels. My hematologist wants me on lovenox shots twice daily for a month, but I just cannot afford them. ... (2 replies)
... Julie, Did you ever get to stop the blood thinners? I know this is a old post. I broke my leg last Aug. 4, 2008 & developed a clot where I broke it. Last u.s. it was 50% gone. THis has been a long 8 months. The coumadin makes me ache in my joints really bad & I have the tiredness too! Jill (8 replies)
... Hi! Anything can cause the INRs to be low. Mine fluctuated and eventually it was steady at 10mg per day. My INR shot up to 4 and above 5 a couple of times....other times it dropped too low. ... (8 replies)
... HGB/HCT/RBC/MPV. My HGB=136/HCT=0.39/RBC=4.51/MPV=7.2 Also, I was a little concerned because my PT and INR were both at the cusp of high--PT=12.3 sec and INR=1.1. My PTT seemed okay at 34. I have cut out red meat ever since my father died. I still eat healthy otherwise. I am also confused as to my blood coagulation. Is high better than low? Does high mean that it... (1 replies)
... ng horrible chest pain and shortness of breath. they did a work up on me and found nothing so they had me follow up with a pulmonologist. they did show that my INR went to 3.76 so on tuesday it was 1.1 and sunday it was 3.76! this is just driving me crazy!!! ... (13 replies)
... Many thanks for the info Mady. It has been quite helpful. I think when his INR level was 1:3 it was the second week on warfarin. Need to check it now. I will check the site you mention. (8 replies)
... I'm posting because I'm worried about my father. He's just had a PE on his lung and is now on warfarin. I don't know too much about his condition. He is on 1 mg of warfarin a day and on his card from the hospital it quotes I think his INR level as 1:3. He's 83 and also has prostate cancer and enlarged aorta to set the scene. Do I need more info than this before... (8 replies)
... That is a good thing I assumed that is what you had been doing. When my DH had the nurse come everyday a few weeks back she was using the finger ***** machine. On the last day that she came we got a call saying they were not using that anymore and she would be drawing blood. It seems or so we were told our state had told them they had to stop using it. (36 replies)
... The clinic just called with the lab results and my INR really is 1. ... (36 replies)

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