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... (30 replies)
... I ditto what midwest said about marrow biopsy and platelet count levels. It is encouraging that the 2nd IVIG brought up count so much on last patient. ... (30 replies)
... r yeast. Several autoimmune disorders, like lupus, can cause mouth and tongue abnormalities, as well as chronic hives and anemia. I would ask your Dr to check an ANA for lupus and antithyroid antibodies for autoimmune thyroiditis. ... (2 replies)

... My daughter is 23. Past three years complained of stomach pain. To make this short, had endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT (2 times) and pillcam. Ct shows circumferential wall thicening of distal terminal ileum, mildly prominent mesenteric lymph nodes in right lower quadrant of abd, 1.3 x 2.2 lymph node in right lower quarant mesentery, other lymph nodes smaller in size in same... (3 replies)
... That's good that your platelets are in the 400s. Allergies are getting worse. I think because of the global warming or so. Regarding Lupus, take your ANA test. I think there are also other blood tests that go with the ANA test to entirely determine if you have lupus. Good luck with that. ... (14 replies)
... hi, i don't have lupus so far and i have had a high ana for like 4 years now, i had a sed rate of 10. ... (1 replies)
... d with Lupus over 20 years ago and it seemed to go into remission about 10 years ago and I haven't had any specific problems with it. Recently my doctor did and ANA test and it came back positive and the titer count was extremely high, 2645. ... (1 replies)
... I had a WBC that was between 12,000-16,000 for many years. Antibiotics didn't affect it. I was finally diagnosed with a couple of autoimmune diseases last year. I'm not saying that's what you have, but an overactive immune system was the cause of mine. You might request an ANA, RF, CRP, and sed rate the next time you are at the doctor. (3 replies)
... But my moms has High Platelet Count around 500,000 and doctors do not know why. Shes been taking 300 mg of asprin to prevent clotting. ... (0 replies)
... ve also had the ANA done 4 times over the last couple years, 2 of which came back positive and 1 negative and 1 undeterminable. My WBC done today was 2.5. ... (4 replies)
... ANA stands for antinuclear antibody, where they'd be looking for an autoimmune disease, such as lupus that may be causing your symptoms. Sed rate is sedimentation rate, and that's when they see how fast your red blood cells fall to the bottom of a test tube. That test is used to confirm active inflammatory disease. RA, I believe is rheumatoid arthritis, where they look for the... (4 replies)
... For me, they were testing for an autoimmune. My test results for RA were negative but ANA and Sed Rate were high so I was referred to a rheumatologist. After that specialist's examination and testing, other conditions were ruled out. ... (4 replies)
... ee why my wbc is low. I run anywhere from 2.9 to 3.9. I'v had my blood drawn 4 times over the past year and the wbc was as follows in order from fist to latest count 5.9,3.1,3.9 and 2.9. I'm a bit concerned. ... (4 replies)
Elevated counts
Oct 20, 2015
... White Cell count has gone from 10.5 to 10.8 to 11.8 to 12.7 over the last 5 months. ... (0 replies)
... y have posted previously to you, but lupus can cause both red and white cells to be low, and certainly makes one feel not well. If you have a more complete blood count to post it might help, or any other labs. If you can't see the hematologist for 3 months, perhaps your Dr. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. They checked my ana and ruled out lupus. my wbc range from 3. ... (3 replies)
... Hi!I'm not familiar with any of the tests U have listed including the ITP.I am polcythemic and that is a bone marrow disorder where the bone marrow produces too many blood cells total.I was diagnosed in 2000 with total blood count near 1 million (normal should be around 400,000).I had several phlebotomies in the beginning of treatment.I see my Dr. every 2 months now and and my... (1 replies)
... I've had a positive ana(1:1260), elevated sed rate, elevated C-reactive protein, high platlet count, high LDH, M-Spike, and high IGg,IGm, and IGa immunoglobulins. Docs thought the latest diagnosis was Waldenstroms, but bone marrow biopsy came back normal. My main/only real symptoms are muscle soreness/tightness in just about every muscle, occasional night sweats, had a low... (2 replies)
Need some advice
Jan 2, 2008
... High white cell count 11. ... (0 replies)
... I have been tested for lyme, negative. My blood count was normal. Sed rate running in the 70's. Slightly elevated ANA, tested negative for lupus. ... (17 replies)

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