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... in my arm. Even with my untrained eye, I could see the huge clot on the ultrasound. ... (5 replies)
... left arm. I found out last week that I most probably have another blood clot in the exact same spot, or possibly a collapsing vein in that same spot. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I'm just wondering, how could i tell if i had a blood clot in my arm and need to go to see a doctor right away? ... (1 replies)

... ull pain. it hurts the most after sitting down for a while and it hurts the most in my upper quads and groin area. the twitching has somewhat spread to my left arm and now recently my right arm. around early may, i began feeling cold sensations in my left leg. it feels like little water droplets sometimes. ... (14 replies)
Blood Clot
Jul 6, 2013
... weeks ago I got a blood clot in upper arm and was immediately diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. ... (4 replies)
... I have had tons of problems after having a baby two and a half years ago. I passed a huge blood clot the day after I had my baby. ... (6 replies)
Blood clot in arm?
Aug 24, 2005
... I told them about 4 weeks. They told me to go to the doctors. So i did they gave me an ultrasound and they told me ihad a blood clot on my arm and to take plavix oncedaily and put heat on it. take motrin 800 for the swellling and pain. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I'm just wondering if its possible that i could have a blood clot. I've had this pain in my lower leg for a few days now.. ... (1 replies)
... then all of a sudden there was this prickly pain in my palm and wrist and it felt like prickles and it hurt to bend my hand. then my whole arm felt like it was on fire..really didnt hurt just felt really hot...and my hand was a little more red then the other one.. ... (0 replies)
Blood clot?
Sep 9, 2007
... yesterday i had this bad pain in my shoulder area when i moved my arm that hasnt gotten any better. it hurts when i press on my shoulder and thats where the pain is comng from whenever i move my arm. ... (0 replies)
... and he said he didnt think it was even necessary to test me for predispositions to blood clots. Well, I was very young then, and with the way he is acting now despite another clot, I realize that he just might be a little too cavalier for my taste. ... (6 replies)
... I have been experiencing pain in my left arm for the past several days. It feels a dull ache in my forearm and goes up to my shoulder. It almost feels like there is a rubberband around my arm. ... (2 replies)
... My daughter had a blood clot in her arm. All blood tests showed negative for any blood disorder. She is not pregnant, she is not on birth control. She has not had a recent operation or accident. She does not smoke and is not overweight. ... (3 replies)
... I thought possible blood clot but it only hurts if I turn a certain way or if I swallow solid foods. When I would turn a certain way and breathed in deep it was hell. ... (1 replies)
... ind a small pea size hard bump in his vein on his arm, just above the area where the IV went into his hand. He went to his regular GP today and he said it was a blood clot that had calcium form over it. He said it was nothing to worry about or he could have it cut out. ... (2 replies)
... Well it sounds like my symptoms and I do have a blood clot. My symptoms where black and blue mark, bubble in my arm and alot of swelling.I went to the doctors and they gave me an ultrasound and they discovered it was a blood clot. Get it checked out. ... (2 replies)
DVT in arm
Mar 22, 2005
... hi, recently they found a blood clot in my arm which is in part of my subclavian vein, all of my axillary vein, and part of my brachial vein. I am on warfarin right now and have a couple questions. ... (19 replies)
... What does a blood clot in your arm feel like? ... (0 replies)
... Lately I've been having sharp pains in my feet, hand and arm that don't last for long but sting pretty bad I have no swelling or anything but show up in different places, could this be a blood clot? ... (0 replies)
... that made me more succeptible to blood clots and that I was also on the pill at the time which didn't help. ... (0 replies)

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