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... and have been living with the pain ever since. Unfortunately, there is no cure for blood clots. ... (4 replies)
... I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with blood clots in December 2002 at the age of 18 from a snow boarding accident. I had a blood clot the size of a golf ball in my left groin, and a clot had broken off that one and travelled to my lung. ... (4 replies)
Blood clots
Jun 7, 2006
... Hi everyone. I know all too well about dealing with blood clots. ... (14 replies)

Blood clots
May 25, 2009
... I have a DVT in my right leg. I have esophagal varices so can't take blood thinners. I had a filter put in my right groin about two weeks. The clot keeps growing and gettin more painful. What do I do now? ... (0 replies)
... said. I would really get it looked at, if only for piece of mind. I thought that my blood clot was the pulled sciatic nerve in my back, radiating down my leg but it wasn't, and I sure wish I had gotten mine looked at sooner. ... (3 replies)
... My Husband is 46 and has a blood clot in his groin that runs down to his knee. He was hospitalized on Jun 26th for 3 days then released. He was given Heparin. Now that he is home he is given Coumdain. ... (1 replies)
Blood clots
May 16, 2006
... I have had femoral neuropathy in my left leg since last June and was diagnosed with a DVT from my knee to my groin, on Halloween night, which was a Monday night, the doctors found it due to a venous duplex xray, the idiot doctor kept me in bed, that Friday day I was taken into the minor surgery room, to have a stint put into my leg for drainage.... the following afternoon the... (14 replies)
Blood clots
Apr 14, 2006
... This is true in most cases, however not always the case.... i did have red swolen legs when i had them in the groin, but this time when it was in the calf i did not have any swelling or redness, however i did have a little heat on the calf. The hospital will check the size of your leg against the other and check the pulse in your ankle and foot. This should then proceed to... (14 replies)
Blood clots
Apr 14, 2006
... Although all my tests were negative i knew that i needed a Deep Vein and Artery Scan for the final check as this was the only i discovered i had DVT in my groin previousley. ... (14 replies)
... They will dissolve in your lungs I know for sure. Mine have calcified behind my knee. I had them in my left leg across my groin and down past my knee. I have been told they will continue to calcify and build up until it shuts the vein off. That's why you continue to have pain. ... (6 replies)
... o male that developed a blood clot from the groin all the way to mid calf. I went in on July 1 and discharged on July 8. I take coumadin 10mg every other day and 12 mg the days in between. ... (9 replies)
Blood clots
Nov 6, 2003
... I was wanting to know if a blood clot generally forms above an insertion site or can one occur below? ... (0 replies)
... in march i began developing pain in my left leg, a very dull pain. it hurts the most after sitting down for a while and it hurts the most in my upper quads and groin area. the twitching has somewhat spread to my left arm and now recently my right arm. around early may, i began feeling cold sensations in my left leg. ... (14 replies)
... About a week I just found out after being in extreme pain for a week that I was born without an inferior vena cava, or the vein that brings blood back from the legs to the heart. Luckily, all my arteries are fine. ... (9 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant. I was admitted to the hospital for a blood clot on the inside of my right leg. My ultrasound was repeated and they found that part of the blood clot broke off and went into the groin. ... (3 replies)
... all through my left leg from the groin to my foot, as well as one PE in each lung. They took me directly from there to St Luke's. ... (3 replies)
... I have clots all down my left leg, from my groin to my foot... ... (2 replies)
Can a DVT return?
Sep 25, 2007
... You're most welcome. I've come to find quite a comradery among us young women who have had these devestating blood clots! It really makes me feel good to help others and pass along what I have learned. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Ish, you had replied to my post "Gas trouble and respiratory problem" under "Digestive Disorder" heading. Thanks for the reply and I want to help you on this. I am not a very knowledged person about protime, but I would like to tell you this. My thought in life has always been: "Whatever happens is for your own good. And no matter, God will not let down you". Well, I... (4 replies)
... In the morning, I am having surgery to remove superficial blood clots from a varicose vein in my leg. One of the clots located just above the knee has grown to the size of a golf ball. I am serious, it really is! ... (4 replies)

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