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... abdo. pain. I took her to ER they ran many test and could not come up with what was wrong. Last week i took her to her family doctor and he said that she had a high blood platlets, and that, elevated white blood count, they tested her for Hep. they all came back negative, thank God. ... (0 replies)
... before I followed through with additional blood tests ect. Hopefully things are fine with you, but it's better to know whether or not this requires further research.. ... (3 replies)
... Hi I am in the same boat except my GP is testing my blood monthly the last count was 498. She does not really know why and has no answers to my questions. ... (4 replies)

... and have been suffering with migraines and headaches for over 20 years. Prior to my blood test I have been feeling extremely tired for a few years. I attributed it to the onset of menopause until I finaly had the blood test. ... (28 replies)
... a heart attack or stoke the numbness in toes is where the platelets are again attaching there self to your nerve endings I would say this is where your platelet count has sky rocketed again. My arms use to tingle when I carried a purse so I thought it was the purse doing it hmmmm. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks so much in getting back to me, as you can tell I'm very concerned about my grandmother. Very interesting about what you said about hydra being for high red blood cells my grandmother never had that, just high platlets. ... (198 replies)
Blood Platelets
May 27, 2008
... without the actual blood count numbers... ... (1 replies)
... hi 5yrs ago when i was pregnet with my2nd child i was told my platlets are high.and for years no one would give me any answers or tell me my numbers. ... (6 replies)
... I also have high platelets. It is caused by the taking of my blood because I have high red blood cells. So I give a pint a week until my counts are lower. As a result my platelets have sky rocketed and I am taking agrylin 5 mg. this lowers the platelets. ... (198 replies)
... Hi JM,Glad to hear your platlets are down.and that you have got the right medication that suits you.Ever one is different.I went to my Dr. last week and my platlets are 440,000 so at least they didnt go up.dont have to go back for two months so grateful for that.I still tire easy but try to keep busy.You Keep improving. ... (198 replies)
... i would say that in your case high plat are the result of your lack of spleen. the spleen s function is to fight off infection and get rid of used blood contents such as "used" red blood cells platlets etc. thus since you do not have a sleen platelets will build up in your blood. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I have had my latest blood work back, my platlets have now gone up to 570 I also have high ESR high CRP Low Ferratin and low sodium bicarb. anyone know what this might indicate? ... (6 replies)
... a year and a half.ever thing was fine for a year but it lowered mine to much got anemic had to lay off of them for a week they are back up to 386 so go back for blood work the 12 of platlets were up to 850 at one will adjust to them. It is easy to get infections. But medication will take care of that. ... (198 replies)
High platlets
Nov 14, 2006
... rs now. He pretty much thinks it's related to inflammatory conditions I have like allergies, asthma, and psoriasis of nails, hands and feet. I guess all my other blood work has been normal. He states he does not think it's a bone marrow problem, and doesn't think a bone marrow aspiration is necessary. ... (4 replies)
High platlets
Nov 23, 2006
... treatable that would explain the low platelets and extreme loss of blood to solve it. ... (4 replies)
High platlets
Nov 23, 2006
... it may be essential thrombocythomia........i have that and my platelet count is 1.4 million...... ... (4 replies)
... done to determine if this could be the underlying problem of my ET. I just cannot seem to rest until I find other alternative treatment or other ways to keep my platlets from rising other than the hydroxyurea. My docs are good however, I need to make sure here is no other way. ... (198 replies)
... Sometimes when i have an infection they will go up.I get my blood tested ever 4 weeks.My platlets were over 580 this week.Had an infection in my finger nail.I really have had no bad side effects.But try not to miss taking them like your Dr. ordered. ... (198 replies)
... Hi, I went to my Dr. yesterday. my red platlets was down to 390 i now am anemic so he took me off hydrea for a week untill they see if i am bleeding some where. I havnt felt well lately. ... (198 replies)
... years. The name of the medication is Hydrea and is taken daily with frequent blood tests. She basically has lived a normal life with the help of the medication. ... (2 replies)

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