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... I would suggest seeing a good hematologist. There are several things it might be, one being a Myleoproliferative Disorder (MPD), specifically Essential Thrombocythemia (ET): proliferation of platelets. See if the doc will run a JAK2 test, which is a fairly recent development helpful in diagnosing. (3 replies)
... my blood platlets are high - 600. i am taking aspirin. its 3 years. i am female, married, i have 2 children & i lost 3 because of my platlets. if someone can help me to know what can i do ill be thankful (3 replies)
... My mother almost bled to death in May of 2008 from the colon. She had a bowel resection done in July. Her blood platlets became high but they thought that they would go down. Since then they have risen to over 800. ... (1 replies)

... what causes high blood platlets (1 replies)
... before I followed through with additional blood tests ect. Hopefully things are fine with you, but it's better to know whether or not this requires further research.. ... (3 replies)
... rough the test. from what i understand it is nothing to be afraid and this will give you peace of mind as to what is going on with you. i have another test on my blood on monday next week. my blood platlets are 509 which are not really that high but did find out i have cysts on my ovaries. i am hoping that is why they are high. ... (25 replies)
... your face,itching in arms and legs,extreme fatigue,night sweats,anxiety. Any of these symtoms I would repoort to my doctor.I would also have my doctor do a full blood panel test. ... (3 replies)
... abdo. pain. I took her to ER they ran many test and could not come up with what was wrong. Last week i took her to her family doctor and he said that she had a high blood platlets, and that, elevated white blood count, they tested her for Hep. they all came back negative, thank God. ... (0 replies)
... ut boy does my sister share your problem. I will pass on this post, and I m sure she will be writing to you. She has been on this quest for a few years now. Her platlets are close to a million. They go up and down and she is on a special medication. We are always searching the healthboards for some answers and hope! ... (1 replies)
... How high are your platelets and how old are you? ... (4 replies)
... Hi I am in the same boat except my GP is testing my blood monthly the last count was 498. She does not really know why and has no answers to my questions. ... (4 replies)
... plus I have von Willebrands which is a Factor 8 problem, but it doesn't involve high platelets, it is a disorder where your Factor 8 or clotting mechanism isn't working properly. ... (4 replies)
... plus I have von Willebrands which is a Factor 8 problem, but it doesn't involve high platelets, it is a disorder where your Factor 8 or clotting mechanism isn't working properly. ... (4 replies)
... I was told my platlets are to high and are still rising.Does anyone know what that means? ... (4 replies)
... I too am experencing this my numbers are 14.2 and 785,000 I have been back 6 times since July, 42 vials of blood taken they have ran ct scans mri and bone marrow biopsy. ... (10 replies)
... My 3 yr old is extremely fatigued and her hair is falling out she can barely function thru the day ...shes always been a quiet and calm child but she sleeps all the time now a little history - 2006 at 9mths she went from normal then got the rota virus to couldnt sit or do anything and had bruising up and down her spine - went to the ped they did a blood test called u... (1 replies)
... Hi, I have the same here. High whites, high platelets and clotting out. I thought I was tested for lupus too but perhaps you mean the lupus anticoagulant test which is in fact a clotting test really. ... (1 replies)
... i was wondering if anyone else has this problem? I have high white cells (have had for 20 yrs) 5 yrs ago i had to have out my thyroid and para thyroids. now i have been having bad health and my white cells are at 15000 and my platelets are high i am dealthly allergic to asprin so i cant take that to thin blood I was tested a couple of weeks ago for lupus (i had all the ... (1 replies)
... She is probably suffering from a disorder called Essential Thrombocytosis. This disorder is extremely common in older people(women particularly), and can often be triggered by surgery or trauma. The bone marrow test is going to determine what abnormalities there are in her system. What other symptoms is she having? (1 replies)
... I would find a good hematologist. I have polycythemia and had over 1 million blood cells total. Iam on meds for the disorder now for almost 9 years and do ok. THe extreme fatigue is the biggest issue I have. Good luck! ... (5 replies)

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