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... Due to up coming surgery, I had to have blood test taken. ... (1 replies)
... t was an issue. Have just had another one and was wondering if anyone could help figure out if there is any reason why I'm feeling so tired all the time from the blood test results I just got? ... (0 replies)
... gals, I was just wondering if anyone could lend an opinion to if you think my blood test results are worrisome or not. My Doc signed it and said it was ok but once I took it home I realized I was outside of the normal ranges on a few things. ... (0 replies)

Blood test
Aug 29, 2008
... first time that t have a high level of cholesterol. ... (0 replies)
... Two weeks later, I still feel terrible. Go to Doctor, she puts me on antibiotics and sends me for blood tests. I get a call, they say I am anemic and they are referring me to hemo. They also confirmed that I had Strep. I took antibiotics and felt some better. ... (1 replies)
... The blood test also included a blood count panel. Just for reference, I've been told that I most likely have the Thalassemia trait. ... (1 replies)
... I just received the following blood test. I was called in for a blood smear but do not know if my values are low enough to cause all the worrying I am doing! ... (1 replies)
... is high, hematocrit is high,abs segs is high.ive been getting my blood checked every month. i thought my blood work might be off cause of the light stroke but they said its not that so im going to a blood doc next week they said something about doing a bone marrow test. ... (49 replies)
... Finally, I went to doctor Nov 17. They measured my temp as 96.2 F. The TSH blood test was 4.35. Doctor refused to do any other tests, though when I went back ten days later, he said there was nothing wrong with me and 4. ... (3 replies)
... I meant to post my abnormal blood test results from March. ... (198 replies)
Blood Test Results
Nov 19, 2008
... et received a follow up call to come back and see him yet, so I'm assuming it's nothing bad. Obviously, I'm more concerned about the things showing up marked as HIGH or LOW... ... (2 replies)
... I have had health issues for quite a while now, too numerous to list. I was recently sent to a hematologist for a consistently high wbc count, only a point to a few points higher than it should be. He ordered tests, and then called me to have more yesterday. ... (0 replies)
... I just got my medical records from a hospital stay and my blood test results have somethings highlighted as being abnormal, however I do not know what they mean. ... (2 replies)
... Just need some help figuring out why my blood is deficient in iron? ... (0 replies)
... Below, I have 3 months of report, ever since my exposure via hand job at the massage parlor.. The exposure was on Aug 9th, 2007. _____________ Aug 13, 2007 _____________ WBC:6.2 RDW: 31 RBC 4.722; PLATELETS: 31100 Hemoglobin: 15.0 NEUTROPHILS: 45 Hemmatocrite:43 LYMPHS: 46 MCV:92 MONOCYTES: 7 (0 replies)
... The RDW indicates that your body is working over time to produce red blood cells and that your protein content is too low which indicates muscle wasting. ... (2 replies)
... Hgb 8.6, Hct 28, MCV 69, RDW 15. ... (1 replies)
... To update the petechiae story... I took my daughter, Ellie, to the Pediatric hematologist that she was referred to today (1-10-07). The doctor examined her and ran some more blood tests and sent Ellie to have some x-rays taken of her chest, neck and head areas. He also said he might send her for a cat scan later. A few of the blood test results came back right away and the... (4 replies)
... I'm on aspirin therapy, but my PCP told me to donate blood as my differential suggests no infection... ... (0 replies)
... This may not be the right place to post this, if so moderator please move it. I have a long history of URQ pain with all the normal test coming back normal. Ultra Sound, Hida Scan, CAT Scan and lots of blood work. I have really bad stabbing kidney pains and headaches from time to time also. ... (2 replies)

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