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... ppt with dr then goes away til end of this month..i see internist before results of tests..he examines has no idea what is going on..i call for blood test results..and get... ... (0 replies)
... ve had several years. I am very worried because I have factor v Leiden and although I have never had a blood clot, my dr. Is willing to put me on a blood thinner. I have never taken one so not sure if this is necessary or not. Has anyone had surgery with factor v and which blood thinner would you recommend.? ... (0 replies)
... Last year I had a superficial blood clot in my left leg and had quite a few leg vein treatments done including the laser. Today I wake up with pain in that same leg. Very painful to walk. ... (0 replies)

... kind of a dull cramp, but when I flexed my foot one way or the other, boy I could feel it. I did not have redness, warmth, or swelling, but an ultrasound and a blood test confirmed a DVT. ... (3 replies)
... Does anyone know how long after a long car trip you would experience symptoms of a blood clot? ... (0 replies)
... I was wondering with any kind of cancer would your white or red blood cell count be out of range? ... (1 replies)
... You called it -- Thank you so much for responding! I always hate when people post a story or a question and then you never hear from them again once their problem is resolved! In that spirit, I just wanted to post and let you know that I got my new results back today and everything is absolutely normal, blood counts, non-reactive to all STIs. I can't tell you how relieved I... (3 replies)
... I can't remember which blood tests come back weird if they draw it to quick. One of mine last year came back with some crazy numbers. ... (3 replies)
Blood clot in leg
Jan 14, 2017
... moving your feet such as stretching of act like you are keeping beat to music. This will keep the blood flowing. If you suspect a blood clot this can easily be ruled out or positive by an Ultrasound. ... (3 replies)
... in clinic or urgent care and ask for a D dimer blood test. A negative D dimer test will pretty much rule out the chances of a blood clot. ... (3 replies)
... I'm just wondering if anyone who has experienced DVT or a blood clot in the calf can describe what the pain feels like. Is it continuous? ... (3 replies)
... Hi! My sister is 23 going on 24 years old. She's currently being hospitalized, has been there for a month. She's losing blood and the doctors don't know why. ... (0 replies)
... I used a 19G butterfly needle with tube, followed the proper procedure to puncture the vein in my left arm and saw the flash, I could see the blood in about half inch of the tube, then there was no flow. I am not dehydrated, my blood pressure was normal, yet there was no flow which suprised me. ... (0 replies)
... mall bleeder was found in his small intestines and repaired. A hiatal hernia was discovered as well. He constantly complains of extreme pain and has needed a few blood transfusions in the past few months. No Dr can pinpoint what's causing the pain and consistently low hemoglobin. ... (0 replies)
... I had routine bloods last summer 3 times white blood cells low, doctor took more bloods 6 weeks ago and white blood cells 1.5 had a urine infection previously and put it down to that but had urine checked with lab and came back clear and had no more problems their since. ... (0 replies)
... Would like to find out from anyone who has applied this how effective and how safe it has proven to be.I am concerned that vitamin C plus lysine may cause the materials sloughed off the vessel walls to form blood clots, which, as we know can bring on what we are trying to avoid (0 replies)
... th a rare parathyroid condition called psuedohypoparathyroidism. I was hospitalized for a week at the age of 11. A few days ago I went to the doctor and got some blood work done. My calcium levels were low again, being at a 6.8, whereas the normal level is 8.5 and above. My primary doctor sent me to an endocrine doctor. ... (0 replies)
Blood clot?
Oct 1, 2015
... Ive had a really horrible pain behind my rib cage on my left side and I ended up seeing my GP, she worried and sent me to hospital where I had a blood test, an xray, an ECG and a few other tests. ... (0 replies)
... My labs have been pretty consistent showing my white blood cell count averaging between 9.0 and 11.5 for the last 6 months. Is this pretty normal or is fluctuating counts pretty normal. ... (0 replies)
... but also has a silvery, bluish and purply tinge to it. I wondering why is my skin so translucent. I also had circulatory problems as a toddler where my blood wasn't flowing properly into my left hip, probably something to do with my iliac atery. I would love to know some answers. ... (0 replies)

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