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... About a month ago I went to the doctor for a routine physical examination. My platelet count was 730. I went back 2 weeks later to have it retested and my platelet count rose to 755. This is the first time a doctor has ever mentioned my platelets being high but honestly, I haven't had a CBC in about 4 years. ... (1 replies)
... I just found out that my 10 month old daughter has a high platelet count. ... (4 replies)
... ey will have their pathologists look at my bone marrow slides and I should hear from the doctor by the end of next week. They drew 5 vials of blood to do another CBC and also some chromosone tests... ... (198 replies)

... other thread another person had the follow up and her platelets came back okay. I was wondering if anyone knows of everyday reasons tht could temporarily give a high readiing..a virus or infection or something like that. I hope someone else, here can ease your mind..I'll be anxious to see what they say. ... (7 replies)
... What are the causes of high platelet counts? ... (32 replies)
... Hi! Doesn't sound like got too much to worry about. Normal total blood cell count is around 400,000 total. I'm sure if there wre any importance to the red count being high the doctor woul have made an issue of it. ... (2 replies)
... years. As in your case everything in my CBC came back normal except my platelets, which are at 1 million. ... (6 replies)
... and it came up with a 4 mil platelet count..they thought it was a mistake because everything else seemed okay. I did it again, still 4 mil. ... (6 replies)
... My DH had to have a physical, and our family doctor ordered a CBC with differential. ... (2 replies)
... doc sent me to a hem. I then had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out cancer and other causes. You mentioned you moved to Colorado. I also moved to CO one year ago. High altitude raises platelets levels, so that maybe a reason it is higher than before. I think you should see a hemotologist and get tested. ... (32 replies)
... What are the causes of high platelet counts? ... (32 replies)
Platelet counts
Feb 1, 2008
... I recently had a blood panel done which revealed that my platelet count is too high. My doctor had me repeat the CBC a month later and the count was still too high. My red and white blood cell count was fine. She is refering me to a hemotologist. What does a high platelet count mean? ... (2 replies)
... h is a blood disorder where the bone marrow produces too many platelets. There are other blood disorders that also effect the platelets. 485 is not an alarming count but I would keep an eye on it. Anything else in the cbc report that was high? ... (7 replies)
... Since I suffer from depression I have blown this way out of proportion. I have read that high platelet levels could lead to clots, certain diseases concerning bone marrow and eventually in certain cases lead to leukemia. ... (7 replies)
... and only once did i get a phlebotomy about a month ago cause my red blood cells were realy high but that was one day and havent been high since. ... (198 replies)
... on unless they really sky rocket, so seems to me the best we can do is to take supplements and eat foods that keep our blood thinner and flowing well and reduces platelet stickiness. ... (198 replies)
... I went back to my doctor for a follow up CBC. He told me my platelet count was still elevated at 434,000. ... (2 replies)
... er went on any meds except for 81mg aspirin every day. She has never experienced any symptopms for 9 years except a migraine every so often. Recently she had a CBC done and her platelets were 2.1 million. Again, no symptoms. We are going to see her hematologist in a few weeks. Hydrea may be an option. ... (36 replies)
... Follow up with another cbc in a few months. My platelets were 970k before there was any notice paid by my doctor. Platelets naturally fluctuate from week to week but usually not by much. ... (198 replies)
... they use them to help cancer patients. In fact, I first found out my platelets were too high after donating and the blood center called to tell me to go to my doctor. ... (4 replies)

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