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White Coat
May 18, 2018
... Yes! Talking will certainly affect your blood pressure readings. I have no doubt about that because it happens to me too. ... (4 replies)
... Yes. Here's an example of my readings in the few days before I was taking anything....150/100, 146/97, 143/101. took my first dose of BP Factors & Bell BP Formulation on the 17th at 11pm. On the 2nd day I added CoQ10. Day 1 2:38 pm 132/99 5:56 pm 125/85 9:58 pm 122/94 Day 2 2:40 pm 127/96 9:26 pm 109/84 Day 3 (17 replies)
... Dear Machaon, Thank you for your elaborate contribution to my dilemma. I appreciate so much --So far drs say heart is ok I started to get 80/50, 90/50, 100/60, in average, it ranges mostly 90 – 118 over 50-69 during evening to overnight. I have to continually drink a lot of water to keep it there. During the day waking up is 125/69 goes to 139-1149/80 during the day.... (4 replies)

... I've taken my blood pressure almost 31,000 times since 1998. I'd like to share some of my blood pressure readings with others, so that others can compare their results with mine. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 56 year old male 5' 9" 155lbs I run 5 miles per day 5 times a week watch what I eat, last blood work was normal. ... (4 replies)
Blood pressure
Jun 1, 2009
... Here is a little more blood pressure "trivia" about the fluctuations of blood pressure during the average 24 hour day, with minimum, maximum and average blood pressure. ... (5 replies)
... A cursory look shows the "normal" trend towards higher afternoon and evening blood pressure than the morning hours. Someone who only takes their blood pressure once in a while, and only in the morning is not getting a true picture of their blood pressure. ... (23 replies)
... As can be seen I was able to survive YEARS of Heart Failure and very unhealthy blood pressure and I still have a good quality of life, although somewhat restricted in what I can do. ... (16 replies)
... My blood pressure runs on average 97/56, or today 100/54. The bottom number or dystolic is usually always in the 50's. Is this too low? I am 38 F Thanks! :) (1 replies)
... I think my low blood pressure is caused by depression. I've been recently making a log of my readings, and it seems that depression may be the culprit. ... (1 replies)
... Now that I'm on the medication my blood pressure is too low but almost all that tachycardia medication lowers blood pressure so I'm not sure what the DR can do. Anyway, the DR said he wanted to keep the top number at 100 or above. ... (4 replies)
... My 1st doc. put me on meds. right away 22 months ago, because I was having a panic attack after a 4 day drinking binge (8-10 beers a day & 5 shots of tequilla). I woke up on day 5 feeling like I have never felt before. I checked my B/P at the grocery store & it was like 195/100. I went striaght to the doctor. I was still panicky & my B/P was like 190/100. Since that point I... (31 replies)
... Smoking introduces over 100 different, possibly harmful chemicals into your metabolism. Not exercising? ... (6 replies)
... I've been on Atenolol for a few years for high blood pressure.. Long story short, I've lost over 100 pounds and now stand at a normal weight. ... (2 replies)
... I had difficult to treat, chronically high blood pressure. I also had Heart Failure. ... (14 replies)
... Blood Pressure and heartrate varies all day long. You can take three bp readings in a row and get three different bp readings and three different hr readings. ... (10 replies)
... I think the best effective drug combo is CCB + BB, it was getting my blood pressure to a range I have never seen like 100/56. But flowergirl told me that it's not save, and I believe her because it lowered my bp alot. I think that the medical community needs to research that combo, especially for people with high heart rate. Good luck all, Michael (6 replies)
... I agree. I would have a series of blood tests done to make sure everything is ok. ... (9 replies)
... I get chest pains and anxious when my blood pressure is up. I can also tell because it seems that anything will set me off when it is up. ... (13 replies)
... That's a great blood pressure. ... (3 replies)

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