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... I've been on the lowered dose for about 2 weeks, almost three. Could it just be my body getting used to the lowered levels of bp drugs? ... (0 replies)
... Hi Ill keep it as simple as possible I have never suffered from any worrying anxiety etc Im 27 male not really overweight But about two years ago I went for a routine check up and doc did my bp bam 145/95 and you get the face you know the grim one from the doc anyway managed to forget about it went for small op 1 year later and probably thought it was going to... (4 replies)
... Hi, I have posted a while back asking questions about high blood pressure w/ a pulse rate. We now have more information about my husbands blood pressure but no answser - so if any of you have similar experience or knowledge please advise. My husband is being worked up for high blood pressure, but currently no on any medication. So far all testing (cardiac labs, ... (3 replies)

... I have white coat hypertension and a phobia about medical settings and even with a xanax in my system, I get readings of @ 130/92 at the doctor's office. So, this time I did the workout before I went trick and breathing exercises. SO, to make a long story short my bp was 130/82 but my heart rate which normally is 72 at the office was 88!!!???? What happened? (1 replies)
Obsessed with BP
Oct 14, 2004
... When I was first diagnosed with hypertension I was totally obsessed with it. I was taking my bp 10 or 15 times a day. I now take it twice a day. Once in the morning and again at night. ... (3 replies)
... Hello My son is 18 years old has been having symptoms for a while now of excessive perspiration and has been to many specialist. they ruled out thyroid issues. The most recent doctor told us to check his blood pressure . The readings in the evening are : Evening 130/43 P.76 Morning 130/81 P.82 Evening 127/39 P.74 (1 replies)
... Of course NOW I can feel every heart beat. I purchased a home BP monitor and can't for the life of me duplicate the high number at the docs office. ... (1 replies)
... There aren't enough medications to counteract the harm that you are doing to your own body and metabolism. Being overweight puts you at great risk for being Insulin Resistant (ref: Metabolic Syndrome). Smoking introduces over 100 different, possibly harmful chemicals into your metabolism. Not exercising? :nono: Plus... if I drank 4-5 cans of Iced Coffee daily, I would be... (6 replies)
... this is most likely what is happening so try and stay less focused on the mortaility thinking and stay focused on keeping up healthy life style and take your meds. Spiking pressure under stressful situations is very common and normal. If you are still concerned give the doc a call and tell him your concerns, after all that's why you are paying him. (7 replies)
... I am being very strict in adhering to a HBP / Diabetic diet. My blood glucose has been around 100 (high of 165 for a fasting reading). I'm cooking stuff fresh and avoiding pre-made foods. I'm really paranoid! Today's waking BP was 130/82 -- but heart beat was 84 -- still high! Sugar was 138. I see the Endocrinologist on Thursday and will find out how my numbers... (7 replies)
... maglib, I am sorry that your son is faced with health issues. I'm sure it is not only stressful for him, but also for your entire family. If your untiring determination to help him was medication, he would have been cured by now! I had difficult to treat, chronically high blood pressure. I also had Heart Failure. As I got progressively worse, and was very sickly, I knew if... (14 replies)
... So I guess what I want to know is, since my bp is not consistently high, and is for the most part in the right range can I consider myself treated? ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for your reply - it's encouraging to hear that one drug may be enough! The natural remedies sound interesting - how do you recommend I take them? Mixed into food or drinks I presume? (4 replies)
... Yes, I'd agree - one drug should be sufficient. If it isn't then probably you are using the wrong class of drug and should try different ones rather than combining two. As for which class of drugs it differs with everyone. With your BP in that range you may be able to get it significantly lower by using natural remedies such as *good quality* fish oil (not the junk... (4 replies)
... representative bp due to anxiety. I have "white coat syndrome", which led to my purchase of Omron unit. ... (17 replies)
... (17 replies)
... I then purchased a blood pressure monitor so that I can get a better picture of my BP in the calm privacy of my home. ... (17 replies)
... Help does anyone know why this happens. I had a stroke due to high blood pressure, I am on medication for it, and most of the time it is well controlled however every now and again the 1st reading I take is high 143/90 the second reading taken straight after comes down to 130/82 then it just gets lower by the 3rd reading it will be 118/76 and pretty much stay at that. All of... (2 replies)
... even with the help of Xanax, is fine! Your doctor sounds like a good one, in that he acknowledges how much anxiety can be a factor in elevated BP at times. ... (5 replies)
... ssure readings which over two weeks only had a couple of spikes and my doc was pleased about that. My doc told me that I'm not unusual for getting anxious and my BP going up and the more that I fret about it the worse it's going to be. ... (5 replies)

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