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... So can hunger and possibly a bit of dehydration increase blood pressure? ... (10 replies)
... and all recent blood tests are normal. In the last year or so I have been suffering from vertigo and insomnia but that is another story. ... (10 replies)
... I've taken my blood pressure almost 31,000 times since 1998. I'd like to share some of my blood pressure readings with others, so that others can compare their results with mine. ... (2 replies)

... Diabetes for over 20 years. About 10 years ago, I was getting a lot weaker and a lot worse. I started taking my blood pressure, at home, and found out, to my great surprise, that I had high blood pressure. I had no idea. ... (23 replies)
... thank you MoskokaMommy, I really appreciate that. I just worry too much that something bad will happen to me. I dont know why I have the fast heart beat. I mean like today I started monitoring my pregnancy bp, and I am trying to monitor my bp morning and night. Once I take my bp med, it goes down, throughout the day, it goes back up. I just took my bp, and low and behold, it... (8 replies)
... Zip is like me. Don't let her go on the drugs, unless it is consistently over 150/100... I agree. It's not worth the side-effects & the torture to find the right combo. Sometimes the right combo is no combo. I was just wondering about your Xanax. I used to read on an anxiety board, and a lot of those folks were on Xanax. Some of them had taken it so long that they were not... (16 replies)
... Still no idea what is going on. Today when I awoke my readings were (last reading first) 117/85 84, 116/82 87, 119/81 87 at lunchtime they were 119/83 93, 118/84 94, 118/85 94 and yet at 3pm they go sky high again 134/97 91, 137/96 93, 139/98 91, 136/100 91, 138/100 93, 144/101 90. Going back to the doctors Thursday and hopefully he will suggest... (10 replies)
... I have had an ablation for AF. I noticed my BP readings different for both arms - for example BP L P BP R P 138/82 82 156/93 73 136/74 66 143/88 68 139/82 67 153/89 70 134/78 73 151/88 77 124/83 69 149/82 73 141/81 73 148/84 82 (2 replies)
... Healthy blood pressure is usually lower in the morning and increases throughout the day and then goes lower during the late evening. ... (8 replies)
... I've taken my blood pressure almost 31,000 times since 1998. ... (6 replies)
... I had difficult to treat, chronically high blood pressure. I also had Heart Failure. ... (14 replies)
... Blood Pressure and heartrate varies all day long. You can take three bp readings in a row and get three different bp readings and three different hr readings. ... (10 replies)
... ny tests run that should have been done long ago to rule out very bad things, such as embolisms, heart problems and collapsed lungs. The triage nurse did note my blood pressure was higher than normal... ... (4 replies)
Side Effects
Apr 14, 2006
... I did not think my blood pressure was that bad, are there any good natural products I could try instead? ... (5 replies)
... He still put me on medication. I went for a blood pressure check this morning and I took my blood pressure kit in for them to check it. ... (24 replies)
... the dreaded BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF.... ... (9 replies)
... model blood pressure monitor. I have taken it to the doctor before to see if it matched up against what I got when I was there, it was close. ... (13 replies)
My woes with HBP
Nov 25, 2003
... I am 22, 5'9", 135 pounds, male, and currently in graduate school. I have been having problems with elevated systolic blood pressure for about the past year. I recently bought a home blood pressure monitor to see how I do at home, results below. ... (8 replies)
Jul 10, 2003
... hour nap when I go home, because of the meds. Other than this one episode, I have never had a panic attack nor high blood pressure. Any ideas... I can't get this b.s. off of my mind. ... (18 replies)
BP Meds
Apr 8, 2003
... I've been on several different BP meds since about '94 and after a spike about five months ago I have been taking: Zestril 20mg (Lisinopril 20mg) Cardizem 120mg (Cartia XT 120mg) Lotensin 100mg (Lopressor 100 mg) HCTZ 12.5mg About three months ago I went to a new doctor (I moved) and he said that all those meds were ridiculous and change my meds to: Zestril 40mg... (4 replies)

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