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... and in one instance I was shocked, and alarmed to say the least, when I saw a systolic reading of 155! ... (0 replies)
... headed and short of breathe at rest. This is particularly the case when my diastolic is below 60 and systolic is anywhere close to 100. I also very unwell during blood pressure spikes. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. Long story Short: Due to several issues including recently diagnosed asthma, a previous leg contusion and a mad case of vestibular neuritis, I've passed from a fit 44yr old with every Glucose and lipid levels completely normal. Almost two years of issues combined, resulted in a an overweight (almost 10kg up), sedentary 46yr old with 109 glucose level and high... (3 replies)

... less anxious if my BP readings were in that range on a regular basis! I assume you mean SYSTOLIC not DIASTOLIC? ... (8 replies)
... In my case, I thought, if my diastolic was 105, my Systolic would run anywhere from 150 to 190. ... (1 replies)
... or lower. Occasionally my systolic will hit a bit higher, but never higher than 130, if I am anxious. ... (1 replies)
... Do I have a BP problem or is my high Systolic related to stress and anxiety? ... (7 replies)
... So im a little bit worried, just recently my insurance company refused to continue covering my Benicar HCTZ 40, finally after days of making calls etc they have decided to give me Lisinopril 20/25 hctz. I have some positives and negatives to report, the positives are that I am able to exercise much easier and I am not getting as many anxiety attacks from the Lisinopril.... (0 replies)
... over the last month or so and my resting heart rate has dropped to the low fifties. But my systolic has risen to about 135. So I'm wondering if my low HR is contributing to the rise in Systolic pressure or if it's just the effects of atherosclerosis? ... (2 replies)
... My BP reading shows(avg) 135/105 .Do I need to take care on this readings .How can i reduce dialostic blood pressure .My dialostic blood pressure is almost shows same reading(105) .. (1 replies)
... Your pulse pressure is 75 where I think it should be around 40 but no higher than 60. Having said that, the 135 (top number) is acceptable for a home monitor. This is just one reading though. Take a few more readings and see what the average is. I hope this helps. (2 replies)
... your bp seems ok to me. some might say your systolic is a little high, but that couild just caused from what you ate recently to a bad machine. BP changes all the time. ... (2 replies)
... What to do when the diastolic is 60 and systolic is 135 (2 replies)
... From my own experience and from everything I read----it is important to be consistent in taking your bp, plus sitting down for at least 5 minutes, maybe more quietly before taking the bp. Sitting up with your feet on the floor, resting your arm on a table-- I always do it at my kitchen table--- and I am right there with you---if I rushed in and sat only a minute my bp... (3 replies)
... icar dose but i don't like how dizzy it makes me feel. Pretty scary really. My Diastolic is low enough as it is. Gets in the 60's but all my doc focus's on is my Systolic which is always in the 130 to 140 range. I'm 29 and active is can be. I run 3 to 5 miles a day lift weights, play basketball. ... (6 replies)
... At what point does antihypertensive treatment for your systolic pressure end up being dangerous for your diastolic pressure? ... (6 replies)
... My resting Blood Pressure usually runs about 140/65 or 135/69. I am 65 and never had trouble with high blood pressure until I got hashimoto thyroiditism (hypo). I take 180 mg Diovan. What concerns me is the low diastolic. Is this bad? (6 replies)
... Thanks Lenin and ms58. Yes I do have a home monitor. My pressures are better at home, averaging 120-135/70-82, although even at home, sometimes 140-150 /85-90. They are the best about 1hr after exercise (110/70). I'm going to check my pressure 4-5 times/day for a week and see if I there are any trends. Yes I do think a beta blocker or diuretic might work well and will fu... (6 replies)
... and then about a half hour later the diastolic goes up to 125, but the systolic stays a nice low 70s number. I have seen it shoot up to 135 before. ... (8 replies)
... The point at which medication is usually given is at a systolic of at least 140 OR a diastolic of at least 90. ... (3 replies)

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