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... for the first time, I've had high blood pressure at the doctor's office. ... (5 replies)
... because of slowdown of blood flow? ... (6 replies)
... As can be seen I was able to survive YEARS of Heart Failure and very unhealthy blood pressure and I still have a good quality of life, although somewhat restricted in what I can do. ... (16 replies)

... flowergirl2day, Thanks for your reply. YOu have some interesting ideas about taking the medication. I haven't tried altering my medication time yet. I'll offer some suggestions to my doctor and see what they come up with. Today when I took my blood pressure at around 8:50PM today it was 136/88 which was strange because my lower ( diastolic ) is usually below 70. I had... (14 replies)
... is not high blood pressure. It is elevated, but that could mean many things. ... (5 replies)
... Protein leaks, if present, reduce with time with or without treatment. They can dissapear on their own accord. There's a blood pressure medication, called an ACE inhibitor, which is often used to reduce the protein leakage and help protect the kidneys. ... (5 replies)
... so the doctors should be looking for or at least eliminating causes,,,secondary hypertension, the kind of hbp that has a cause, is often treatable, and the high blood pressure curable...but again, this depends on the cause. ... (5 replies)
... My son is 16, 5 feet 5, 211 pounds, and has high blood pressure and has protein in his urine, three times tested. I'm very scared. His doctor has referred him to a nephrologist. We see him in September. ... (5 replies)
... My doc has a way of looking at the sodium in the blood and knows if one is getting to much. ... (53 replies)
... I'm wondering about what would be considered to be high and low blood pressure? ... (2 replies)
... I have had an ablation for AF. I noticed my BP readings different for both arms - for example BP L P BP R P 138/82 82 156/93 73 136/74 66 143/88 68 139/82 67 153/89 70 134/78 73 151/88 77 124/83 69 149/82 73 141/81 73 148/84 82 (2 replies)
... I am not sure what they were while I was on atenolol. I was just told it was good by the doctor (not high any more). Prior to being on atenolol my BP readings were: 133/88 to 136/89 I took my BP again last night and this morning and it still pretty good. Perhaps the BP machine is faulty? Took hubby's BP and his is higher than mine and he is amazed cos I always... (6 replies)
... I looked back randomly over my bp log and found the following: On 10/25/1999, my average bp for the day was 145/90. On 10/26/1999, I ate a large dinner of Chinese food, which is very salty. After the meal, my BPs were 133/79 at 7:52pm, 129/81 at 9:29pm and 143/87 at 11:10pm. My average bp for the day was 136/84. On 10/27/1999, the next day, my readings were 143/90... (53 replies)
... I checked my blood pressure about 31,000 times from 1998 thru 2010. ... (1 replies)
... I just visited the doctor today for blood pressure checks. ... (7 replies)
... So guys I think that after more than 18 days, Diltiazem is out of my system completely. My morning reading, as soon as I woke up, is 129/79. Yesterday I didn't take my Hawthorn, I think I forgot to take it on Saturday too, and my blood pressure was 136/88. I think it works great along with Acai Heart. Now I have my severe dry eyes problem to solve, and I have no idea what... (5 replies)
... Your theory of systolic being more variable than diastolic interested me, so I looked back at my 25,000 readings Blood Pressure Database, covering 1998 through today, to look at the variability of my readings. ... (6 replies)
Point of no return
Nov 10, 2007
... based on 1400 blood pressure readings. ... (47 replies)
... VentureMan, I suspect you're right important to just start with the basics! Bethsheba (5 replies)
... I see my Doctor about 6 times a year regarding my high BP. I have asked him what he thinks is the biggest cause for high BP and what the best first approach is to lowering it, and he says weight control. He says that a reduction of as little as 10 lbs can lower BP. Myself, I'm about 10% overweight. I use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine this. It's a great... (5 replies)

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