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... A little background first: I was dx with hyperthyroidism in 2002. My BP was fine & my body weight was 160. I had Radio Iodine done as treatment in Novembe of 2002 & my weight started to creep on as my body shifted to being hypothyroid. Around 200 pounds, my doctor pointed out that my BP was rising (around 130/82 to 135/87). Unfortunately, in July of 2003 I began having... (29 replies)
Is this high??
Dec 14, 2004
... last to trips to cvs i took my blood pressure there and it was 132/87 and 139/90. how high does it have to be for the dr to put u on medicine?? (1 replies)
#'s 139/80
Mar 6, 2004
... Irritating, isn't it? You sound exactly like me and my husband. How much Inderal do you take for migraines and do you have to take it everyday? (2 replies)

#'s 139/80
Mar 5, 2004
... I am a 33 year old female. 5'7" 125lbs. My blood pressure has always been about 139 or 140 over 80. The doctors would tell me that was almost on the border of being high but never did anything about it. ... (2 replies)
... well I thought jot down some of the numbers Ive been getting each set is a 2 week avg HR 130/90 82 before meds. 139/90 83 137/93 82 131/82 72 start of TOPROL 50MG 127/80 68 128/79 71 137/87 73 128/84 73 (4 replies)
... For the past month I've experienced a high systolic ranging from 150 to 160. I'm deeply concerned about this. It's generally lower in the morning but not the rest of the day. I just recently read: "the difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is referred to as pulse pressure; if the number chronically exceeds 60, advanced atherosclerosis is usually... (3 replies)
... Thx for responding zuzu So far i'm not on any BP meds as this is a fairly new development (couple weeks) The first reading i took that freaked me out was 169/89...and not after running or anything :(...since then i increased my pottassium, lowered my sodium to almost nothing and increased my cardio ten fold. The lowest i was able to get was 139/90 first thing in the morning... (3 replies)
... My own personal opinion is that "average" diastolic blood pressure is healthiest near 70 and is less healthy as the average increases from 70. That said, an "average" diastolic blood pressure near 80 is still pretty damn good! :) The reason why I focus on diastolic is because diastolic pressure is when the circulatory system is at rest, or between beating. The higher the... (5 replies)
... I checked my blood pressure about 31,000 times from 1998 thru 2010. I did not remember having a reading like 135/105. In my case, I thought, if my diastolic was 105, my Systolic would run anywhere from 150 to 190. So... I checked back and low and behold... I did have readings like 135/105. These were the type of readings that I recorded from March 8, 2003 thru March... (1 replies)
... There aren't enough medications to counteract the harm that you are doing to your own body and metabolism. Being overweight puts you at great risk for being Insulin Resistant (ref: Metabolic Syndrome). Smoking introduces over 100 different, possibly harmful chemicals into your metabolism. Not exercising? :nono: Plus... if I drank 4-5 cans of Iced Coffee daily, I would be... (6 replies)
... maglib, I am sorry that your son is faced with health issues. I'm sure it is not only stressful for him, but also for your entire family. If your untiring determination to help him was medication, he would have been cured by now! I had difficult to treat, chronically high blood pressure. I also had Heart Failure. As I got progressively worse, and was very sickly, I knew if... (14 replies)
... Just an update to let my very helpful friends here on this site know that I am heeding their advice and trying the dash diet with low salt and it seems to be working. My numbers have come down considerably in only a few days Just hope I can keep it up since I live in cajuncountry with very good food but also very spicy and salty food. My morning numbers have dropped from 130... (10 replies)
... blackiesheep, hi! :wave: Blood Pressure and heartrate varies all day long. You can take three bp readings in a row and get three different bp readings and three different hr readings. All three of your readings seem very healthy and normal, IMHO, although your heartrate is at the lower of the normal range. Are you on any medication which is known to slow the heart... (10 replies)
... My blood pressure usually runs in the 120-139/83-90 range. For the past week it has been upwards of 140-150/92-100. I take 25mg of atenolol 2 times a day but It doesn't seem to do anything for my blood pressure. I have also began the bad habit of taking my blood pressure over and over again every day. I spoke to my doctor about switching the Atenolol and he put me on 50mg... (0 replies)
... Dear Machaon, Thank you for your elaborate contribution to my dilemma. I appreciate so much --So far drs say heart is ok I started to get 80/50, 90/50, 100/60, in average, it ranges mostly 90 – 118 over 50-69 during evening to overnight. I have to continually drink a lot of water to keep it there. During the day waking up is 125/69 goes to 139-1149/80 during the day.... (4 replies)
... I've taken my blood pressure almost 31,000 times since 1998. I'd like to share some of my blood pressure readings with others, so that others can compare their results with mine. Although we are all different, the data will, at least, reflect what one of us went through in dealing with our high blood pressure. I hope that this unusual and unique information can be helpful to... (2 replies)
... Thanks for your post and research, Machaon! I was wondering....could you please share with us the specifics of your low cal / low carb / high frequency eating diet? Thanks! (16 replies)
... Hi Atengr :wave: 140/90 used to be considered okay ( but that was JNC 6 guidelines) With the publication of the JNC7 report things have changed. 140/90 is now considered true hypertension even if you have no co-morbidities. The new guidelines are stricter and have added a new "category". People with a systolic of 120-139 and/or a diastolic of 80-89 should be considered... (6 replies)
... Matt, This is my recommendation: 1) Get anti anxiety pills. It will decrease your BP 2) Reduce (suppress) your salt intake, It will reduce you BP and your risk of cardio vascular problems. 3) Ask yourself, Why are so worry about HBP?? If it is for a hearth attack, this is only one of many factors.... Inflammation seems to be the real culprit. (4 replies)
... Hi FG, I think you will be interested in reading "The 2009 Hypertension Guidelines" of the European Hypertension Society. It is available, after free registration, at It is interesting the consideration of the J shape curve (below a certain DBP, your chances of dying increase). And as afar as... (9 replies)

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