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... My nasty, scary Blood Pressure averages, for each hour (1 thru 24 or 1am thru 12 midnight), Jan 2002 thru Dec 2003 (24 months, 2455 readings). Hr Sys Dia Nbr 1 153 93 10 2 143 93 20 3 144 94 19 4 146 97 17 5 152 98 17 6 153 100 34 (0 replies)
... So, a retrospective on taking my BP for 1/2 year: Home readings: Systolic Diastolic Hypertensive 156-160 1 90-95 4 150-155 2 146-149 5 140-145 6 Prehypertensive 136-139 10 86-89 1 130-135 17 ... (19 replies)
... anyone else here taking this many bp meds? ... (10 replies)

Borderline BP
Jun 6, 2004
... I have been monitoring my blood pressure on a regular basis. Lately, the results have been on the borderline scale. I am a 27 year old male and the majority of my readings have been normal, although some of the systolic readings are close to borderline like 137 and 138. Other times, my pulse rate is really high. Recently, I took three readings. The first two were taken an hour... (1 replies)
... ber alone seems too low to produce a hemmorhage, but everyone is different...some people bleed and bruise more easily than others. Maybe it didn't take much of a BP elevation to burst those vessels in your case. ... (4 replies)
... inly nothing to be alarmed about and I very much doubt whether those numbers are high enough to cause a subconjunctival eye hemorrhage. It's hard to know if your BP goes higher than this or more importantly if it is SUSTAINED at this level unless you monitor it on a regular basis for a while. ... (4 replies)
... just a few bp readings for the last 2 weeks, see the doc mon 22nd 130/90 84 139/94 79 129/91 77 133/88 82 123/86 95 123/86 74 136/94 80 132/93 89 130/70 87 ?? where did that come from (13 replies)
... I had chronic, untreatable high blood pressure for many years, until I finally started getting a handle on it in 2004. I had to take my blood pressure almost 31000 times from 1998 thru 2010. I was able to gradually and slowly reduce my blood pressure as I learned what was causing my high blood pressure. I realize that everyone is different, but, I figured that it might... (10 replies)
... I checked my blood pressure about 31,000 times from 1998 thru 2010. I did not remember having a reading like 135/105. In my case, I thought, if my diastolic was 105, my Systolic would run anywhere from 150 to 190. So... I checked back and low and behold... I did have readings like 135/105. These were the type of readings that I recorded from March 8, 2003 thru March... (1 replies)
... I have noticed that my BP for the last few months does spike for few days to one week then return to normal. ... (10 replies)
... Zekat i been taking my BP though cause my neprhologist wanted me to take it, LOL trust me i haven't been wanting to take it. I just been taking it randomly though throughout the day. ... (86 replies)
HBP under 30
Jun 10, 2007
... Early last month, after 3 days of lightheadedness and dizziness i was diagnosed with HBP (150/103). At 29! pharmacist quickly put me on Amlodipine which i took for 2 days. after running the usual ecg, diabetes, kidney, liver, cholesterol tests (all normal), doctor no. 1 put me on Irbesartan. and this is where all my problems started. one tablet of Irbesartan and after 2 hours... (7 replies)
... I seen my Dr last week. Told her that I self-adjusted my meds to 1/2 of what she perscribed. She said it was good that I did that due to the way I was feeling. I showed her my readings for the month which were all within normal range. Then she checked my BP and it was of course 143/95 in her office! :dizzy: Then she checked my left arm right away and it was 134/89 or... (6 replies)
... most of the time. I called my doctor and I went their for a bp check. ... (2 replies)
... Well, my neighbor returned the BP monitor to my porch this morning while I was taking a nap. Apparently she didn't check it against her monitor at all. Maybe she couldn't find it! ... (45 replies)
... Now, looking over you BP there does look to be a salt related issue. For that matter your BP looks at one time identical to mine. I can see the downward trend after a salt meal then an upward trend. ... (53 replies)
... I looked back randomly over my bp log and found the following: On 10/25/1999, my average bp for the day was 145/90. On 10/26/1999, I ate a large dinner of Chinese food, which is very salty. After the meal, my BPs were 133/79 at 7:52pm, 129/81 at 9:29pm and 143/87 at 11:10pm. My average bp for the day was 136/84. On 10/27/1999, the next day, my readings were 143/90... (53 replies)
... 154/93 (p) 80. R Arm - 14.30 - Stressed (sports related build up) I couldn't help but laugh at this. I wish you could have seen my #s last week as my hometown baseball team was in the NLCS. I had to take 1/2 a clonidine before the game even started. As for your diastolic #s I had the same problem and lost 50lbs. diastolic went from 90 to 60. I bet just 10 or 20 lbs. would... (27 replies)
... I always measure both arms upon wake up. I'm going to thoroughly monitor my BP all week to see precisely my numbers over a week's spread and to work out my averages. ... (27 replies)
Toprol xl
Dec 27, 2003
... thanks for the feedback i havnt noticed any side effects as of yet only been on it for a week bp is going done a bit 130/77 79 144/89 69 136/81 73 143/85 76 128/78 71 122/81 74 (4 replies)

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