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To remain on the topic of "how long before a Beta Blocker becomes effective":

I've now been on Coreg 12.5mg since May 3rd. I started on 6.25mg Coreg on March 24th, and increased to 9.375mg of Coreg on April 9th. I've also been totally off my Verapamil since May 2nd, and totally off my Ace Inhibitor since April 27th.

These have been my blood pressure averages since starting Coreg 12.5mg:

[*]May 3: 136/78, readings-15
Coreg 12.5mg, day 1
[*]May 4: 129/75, readings-16
[*]May 5: 122/71, readings-15
[*]May 6: 128/75, readings-12
[*]May 7: 126/74, readings-15
Coreg 12.5mg, end of day 5
[*]May 8: 120/71, readings-15
[*]May 9: 121/70, readings-12
[*]May 10: 119/71, readings-14
[*]May 11: 122/73, readings-15
[*]May 12: 111/67, readings-11
[*]May 13: 118/68, readings-10
[*]May 14: 117/68, readings-8
[*]May 15: 117/69, readings-10
[*]May 16: 116/68, readings-9
[*]May 17: 114/69, readings-9
[*]May 18: 103/67, readings-11
[B]Whoa! [U]Syncope[/U]! Felt like going to faint for two straight days![/B]
The 17th was bad, but the 18th was even worse. [U]Must reduce Coreg[/U]!

As can been seen, there was a significant decrease in my blood pressure averages starting with the 6th day of Coreg 12.5mg

It amazes me that my blood pressure averages are at such a healthy level, solely on Coreg 12.5mg, and, not only without my Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB) and without my Ace Inhibitor, but while also going through the withdrawal of the CCB and AceI!

Prior to Coreg, if I stopped taking Verapamil (CCB) my blood pressure would go significantly higher, into unhealthy levels, with uncomfortable peaks.

For me, it has been a four pronged approach towards healthy blood pressure, and better health.

[*]Diet of less than 2000 calories of high fiber, small meal, frequent feeding.
[*]I eat five high fiber, low calorie meals per day, and three, low calorie, snack meals per day.
[*]Physical exercise
[*]I weight lift two 10 pound weights at least 360 times per day
[*]I do at least 360 steps on the stepper per day.
[*]I power-walk 30 minutes, twice a day.
[*]Avoiding the triggers that cause unhealthy body reactions
[*]As I've gotten healthier, some of the triggers have less impact on my blood pressure, chest pains, breathing difficulties, etc., but, sad to say, there are still some triggers which, I guess, are still too much for my immune system to handle.
[*]Most effective Medication on the most healthy schedule.
Overall, I feel pretty good. My main problems are with tiredness and lack of enthusiasm. It's a struggle to talk myself into doing my exercise. There's still a few days before my Coreg blood levels get to maximum, so the next few days might be interesting.

I realize that we all react differently, for many reasons, but, at least, this is one person's actual experience with a Beta Blocker.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]Update May 16th[/B][/COLOR]: Symptoms of "Tiredness and lack of enthusiasm" are getting better, probably as my body adjusts to the withdrawal of the CCB and the AceI, and my body gets used to Coreg. In fact, I have increased my exercise.

I am excited about being able to tolerate Coreg, with minimum side effects, and with, seemingly, optimum control over my heart rate and blood pressure. I think that I will leave the dose at 12.5mg per day.

Wow! It just hit me! If I continue to do well on the current mix of medications, I won't have anything else to test!? I feel a wave of calmness flowing through my body :) I'll keep tracking my blood pressure, but am going to cut back on the number of readings. I've got a heart echo coming up. I am hoping that the results reflect positively on all of my efforts.

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