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I reduced the Coreg to 9.375mg today, Monday May 19th. For the past two days, off and on, I felt like I was going to pass out (Syncope). :dizzy:

My blood pressure was getting too low and it was very worrying! :eek:

My blood pressure averaged 103/67 on the 18th. Much, much too low of an average. I wouldn't mind a fixed blood pressure around 103/67, but, as an average, it means that my blood pressure went significantly lower. For instance, at 7:30pm last night my reading was at 96/57; at 2pm 98/52. I was a little worried about falling asleep last night, since blood pressure tends to go even lower while sleeping, so I was concerned about going into a coma while sleeping! :eek:

Well..... so far today, on the reduced dose of 9.375mg Coreg, my blood pressure has been averaging 121/70 based on 11 readings, and I feel great! Haven't had to fight Syncope today.

Interestingly, I had finally been able to avoid a major trigger of high blood pressure, for the first time in 20 years, starting May 11th. I had never been able to go a day without encountering this particular trigger, and I finally figured out how to do it. That's also when my blood pressure started to go additionally lower. Did the elimination of this particular "high blood pressure trigger" result in needing less Coreg? I think so! The fewer "high blood pressure triggers" in one's life, the less medication is required. I think so, but it is just a theory of mine. It's worked for me. :D

Now let's see if I can stay at 9.375mg Coreg.

[U][B]Addendum, added May 31, 2008:[/B][/U] Now reduced to 3.125mg Coreg, once a day, going into the 5th day. I've not only had to reduce Coreg down to this small dose, I'm also still off Verapamil (CCB) since May 2nd, and off of my Ace Inhibitor since April 27th. After successfully removing the major high blood pressure "trigger", the Coreg was lowering my blood pressure too much and causing me constant problems of feeling like I was going to pass out. I had no choice but to eliminate and reduce my blood pressure medications, and do it as quickly as I could. To tell the truth, the experience was a quite frightening! :eek:

My blood pressure, since being on Coreg 3.125mg, once per day, has been 122/72 based on 38 readings, with a Systolic standard deviation of 9.5 and a Diastolic standard deviation of 6.4, which is quite good, the Syncope is gone, my energy levels are back up, and I feel pretty good! :D

It has taken many years to discover and learn to avoid numerous "triggers" which either cause higher blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, fatigue, chest pains or other health problems. I've found out that there are major triggers and minor triggers. I am not sure whether or not the removal of this latest major trigger would have had such a profound positive effect on my health, if I hadn't also made so many other changes to my lifestyle, environment and diet, but I do know that, as long as people continue to encounter their own particular negative triggers, then they will continue to suffer from chronic health problems.

[U][B]Addendum, added June 14, 2008:[/B][/U]

I've now been on Coreg 3.125mg, once a day, for 19 days. I've been off Verapamil for 44 days, off my Ace Inhibitor for 50 days and have reduced my Digoxin down to .125mg once per day, for 11 days, and I am doing fine.

My average blood pressure, based on 430 readings, for the months of May and June, 2008, has been 119/70. :blob_fire

My total medicine load is now Coreg 3.125mg once per day, Digoxin .125mg once per day, and Warfarin 2.5mg once per day.

I've also significantly increased the size of my meals, and have reduced my meals from eight meals per day, to seven meals per day, with all foods having low Glycemic loads and being low on the Glycemic Index. My one hour postprandial, and two hour postprandial, and my fasting blood glucose numbers are at healthy levels.

Twenty years battling the progressive diseases, Congestive Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation, and my health and my immune system continues to get better and stronger.
[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3647716]Coreg, like any other drug, has its pros and cons. What really got my attention were some of its very common side effects, specifically: increased dyspnea, fluid in the lungs, anemia, upper respiratory infections, shortness of breath, sinus problems, swelling....and it can interfere with kidney function! :( I have been dealing with many of these symptoms and would not want to make things worse for myself.[/QUOTE]

It is not a big surprise that, when medical science attempts to change the way that our complex immune system operates, not all goes well.

When I increased Coreg, I suffered uncomfortable sinus problems. That is one of the reasons I cut back on the Coreg. The other reason I cut back was because my blood pressure was getting too low.

I have now been on 3.125mg Coreg, only once per day, for 46 days, quit taking Verapamil 75 days ago and quit taking my Ace Inhibitor 81 days ago, and reduced my Digoxin to .125mg 42 days ago, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Tomorrow I plan to reduce my Digoxin to only four days per week.

My [U]average[/U] blood pressure for [B]July[/B] has been [COLOR="Blue"]116/71[/COLOR] based on 66 readings and for [U]all of 2008[/U], [COLOR="Blue"]122/72[/COLOR] based on 1740 readings. Plus I'm feeling better than I have in DECADES! It took me many years to solve the complex riddle of what causes high blood pressure. The things that cause high blood pressure are also responsible for many other health problems. High blood pressure is not an independent disease, in most cases, but the direct result of a compromised or unbalanced immune system. [B]Hence, the solution to high blood pressure and many other health problems is to make one's immune system healthier and more balanced.[/B] [U]This is done through diet, exercise and avoiding the things (triggers) that are harmful to the immune system.[/U] Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Here were my chronically high blood pressure readings from 1998 through 2004:

[*]1998- 152/97; readings= 1016
[*]1999- 146/92; readings= 3599
[*]2000- 145/92; readings= 3322
[*]2001- 147/92; readings= 2375
[*]2002- 151/96; readings= 1423
[*]2003- 151/96; readings= 1032
[*]2004- 146/91; readings= 2065

I am convinced that people suffering from disabling or life threatening diseases can greatly improve their lives and health through diet, exercise and avoiding the things (triggers) that irritate and aggravate their immune systems. I really feel that, most people waiting for heart transplants could easily reverse their heart disease, but unfortunately, will either die, or have to get their heart replaced because diet, exercise and avoidance of triggers, is not profitable to our medical industry. Sad, isn't it? :( :mad:

[QUOTE]They say that things get worse after starting Coreg before they get better. Has that been your experience? [/QUOTE]

At first, it increased my blood pressure, but thereafter it reduced my blood pressure too much!

I didn't stay on the increased dose of Coreg long enough to find out about too many other problems. When it caused me sinus problems, I backed the dosage down. It was also giving me too low of a blood pressure, so I finally backed it down to 3.125mg, once per day.

[QUOTE]I read some of the results of the clinical trials -Comet, Copernicus, Swedic and Capricorn. They say it appears to restore calcium homeostasis. This is what is thought to contribute to the diastolic restoration and changes in LV filling pattern. ... I think the calcium angle is fascinating - the fact that the changes in calcium homeostasis result in an increased diastolic calcium concentration. I'll definitely try to learn more about it.[/QUOTE]

Good luck. That is all Greek to me. I'm glad that you understand that stuff. :dizzy:

Keep up the great research! It's a shame that you didn't go into a medical profession. With your research abilities, and fascination with how things work, you would have been very good at it.

Thanks for posting the results of your research. I hope that you are doing quite well, and will continue to do well! :wave:

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