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Hi Everyone,
I have posted before because I am suddenly stressing over my blood pressure. I have developed white coat hypertension and that is carrying over to home monitoring. I had gotten better but now I am working it up again. My last ten readings were:
Today was the 111/81 and I don't like the 81. It is stressing me out. A few months ago I was stressing because I was getting low numbers 98/67. I just need some flat advice. Should I worry about these numbers? How often should I check it? I think I am overworrying and overchecking which is giving me anxiety and higher numbers. You guys seem to really know your stuff so I need to be set straight.
You probably ARE "in the clear," as this is coming from someone who has wrestled with BP driven anxiety for years. I have seen anxiety send mine from the 120s/70s to 170s/90s in minutes. White coat hypertension is very real, and you should NOT feel guilty at all for posting; with enough time, anxiety driven BP can become REAL BP, so getting a handle on that anxiety NOW is the key. Trust me.

You are also fortunate in that you are aware of BP issues BEFORE they become serious problems, and thus (with some of the sage advice of posters here + doctors) have an opportunity to head hypertension off at the pass. I think many on this board would be happy if they could contribute to someone out there actually avoiding HBP before the agony of it sets in.

FYI, studies show anxiety can raise one's BP 20-40mm on average, which should give you an idea of how potent it can be.

Those are very good numbers! i too have white coat hypertension, and am actually taking beta blockers for it. I actually got so stressed out one time and anxious that i drove it to 150 something over 112 while in the hospital, and they kept me in there for 12 hours, and it stayed that high the whole time, me being in the hospital kept it that high and it was only after they let me go home that it went down. But that the beginning of this madness...

Since then the past year i have driven myself crazy! constantly checking it, stressing out. Even after doctors said i was fine, and after being told not to check it i would dwell on it over and over. It got to the point where me just thinking about it even at home would cause it to go up! You need to just not think about it or you will get worse and worse. ESPECIALLY if your like me and also suffer from extreme anxiety/hypochondria. Listen to your doctors and stop taking it, cause you will always wnat to check it when you Shouldn't IE during stressful times, when your exercising. It will make you develop OCD.

Check out my closed topic on the second page titled "anxiety and high blood pressure" if you want to see how crazy i was making myself lol.
Also not sure if you said, but are you on any BP medication? not sure how you feel about it, but if those are your numbers without any type of medication then thats GREAT! The beta blocker i take now Propranolol is also great for anxiety symptoms, and i love it so far. Unlike most of the people here who want off there BP meds i want to stay on this lol and i enjoy having it as a crutch.( i'm only 28 by the way, and no heart problems or any serious health problems, although my father does have high blood pressure, no strokes in the family though or heart attacks) have had no side effects from it and i'll see what my cardiologist says about if he wants me to stay on it when i see him in September. Like i said though i'm also on it for anxiety, so i like it keeping my heart rate slow and my Bp low. Although i think i was taking too high of a dose, so i started taking a lower dose today. In the long run though i think if i gain any weight or have bad side effects are worth it compared to having a constantly high heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Hopefully when i get my anxiety/stress ocd in check though then my BP spikes will even out and i wont need the beta blocker anymore.

Like everyone has said, the anxiety (I know how you feel), will drive those numbers up! But given your numbers as they are right now, they are actually quite good, given your stress.

On a home monitor, 135 over 85 or less, is acceptable.

Also, continue taking readings about 2 minutes apart until they settle and level out. The first reading will always be a little high.

Hang in there.
>>You probably ARE "in the clear," as this is coming from someone who has wrestled with BP driven anxiety for years. I have seen anxiety send mine from the 120s/70s to 170s/90s in minutes.<<

I could have written that myself and I totally agree!

Just remember that blood pressure is supposed to move around. It will not always be below 120/80 (especially during exercise - our top number gets higher to help get oxygen everywhere it needs to go). So, naturally there are going to be times that you get readings over 120/80. That's perfectly fine :)
Thank you all for your posts. I just needed to be told straight... I have been making an issue out of this for a few months now and it is really too much. It started when I went off birth control pills after ten years. That caused my anxiety to go up and my bp to spike, then I became afraid of it. It doesn't help when you see Dr. Oz on Oprah saying 115/75 is optimal and anything higher is dangerous. Lourage -- those are numbers without medication so I know I should be glad. Thanks again everyone, you have be sooooo helpful.
My disatolic has been in the high 50's early 60's since being on propranolol, and i can tell you both one thing, feels a HELL of alot better then it being in the 90's high 100's, on both my mind and my body. You guys think low diastolic is bad? what about the added anxiety, stress a high one causes in the long run?

I could see it being bad if you are severely obese and your body isn't pumping enough blood to your organs. But i know for a fact most thin runners have low diastolic BP as well as extremely low HR. I'm sure the thinner you are the lower diastolic wouldn't be a problem.

lol but damn, now you got me worried again. here are a few numbers recently. Think they too low?

108/60 pulse 64
114/69 pulse 74
127/66 pulse 75
113/ 66 pulse 78
116/57 pulse 80
105/66 pulse 74

as long as i feel ok should i be worried? I don't see my cardiologist until september, but i was put on propranolol, and from what i read it can cause a heart block at high doses and even require the need for a pace maker. Is 40 mg twice a day considered high? I heard you should be monitored while taking it and get ekg's every few months. LOL it never ends.
Thanks for the explanation flowergirl!
LOL well you and famd last two posts made me lower my dose today lol and i have felt stressed the whole day, lol even though i been taking my BP it's been fine, just me taking a lower dose makes me stress out and think i'm not getting the full benefit of the medication.

Also i ended up looking up propranolol on a video site and the first hit was some crazy psychiatrist talking about it! thats where i got the whole heartblock and that 40mg is too high of a dose at once, especially for someone who has anxiety and only slightly elevated blood pressure.

Doesn't 20 mg 3 times a day sound better than 40 mg twice a day though? or should i just stick with my regular dose of 40? LOL i keep changing my dose when i get scared. :dizzy:

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