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[QUOTE=caz72me;3887231]I'm 36 and I have a history of high BP and also have diabetes, diabetes control is good and I have a HB1AC of 5.8, but blood pressure has gradually got higher over the past year, ... [/QUOTE]

One common cause of chronic, difficult to treat high blood pressure is Insulin Resistance.

I went for years with chronically high blood pressure. It was only after I figured out that I was Insulin Resistant and went on a very demanding diet of frequent, low calorie, high fiber, small meals that I was able to get my blood pressure down to healthier levels, and lose weight.

I've tracked, studied, evaluated my blood pressure since 1998, and, as a result, have made diet, exercise, lifestyle and medication changes. I currently have over 26,500 blood pressure readings in my database.

[*]For the entire year of 2003: my blood pressure average was [B]151.2[/B] / [B]95.7[/B] based on [U]1032[/U] readings.

[*]For 2004: it was [B]145.7[/B] / [B]90.5[/B] based on [U]2065[/U] readings. I went on the Insulin Resistant diet starting December, 2004.
[*]For the entire year of 2005: my average blood pressure, on the diet, reduced down to [B]138.6[/B] / [B]85.7[/B] based on [U]2526[/U] readings. Still too high but at least I was experiencing improving results.

[*]For 2006: [B]135.6[/B] / [B]78.7[/B] based on [U]3269[/U] readings. Getting better each year on the diet.

[*]For 2007: [B]125.8[/B] / [B]73.7[/B] based on [U]2720[/U] readings.

[*]For 2008: [B]122.1[/B] /[B] 72.1[/B] based on [U]2543[/U] readings.

[*]For 2009: [B]127.9[/B] / [B]73.2[/B] based on [B]595[/B] readings.

It took years of diet for my body to significantly recover from Insulin Resistance. My blood sugar levels are consistently at very healthy levels, and I am able to consume more calories. However, as I have increased my calories, I think that it has caused an increase in my blood pressure averages for this year. Not quite sure yet, but 2008 is the first year of increased blood pressure, albeit still at fairly healthy levels.

I started a thread, back in January, 2005, here in the High & Low Blood Pressure subject with the title asking: [B]Does an "Insulin Resistance" diet improve blood pressure?[/B]

The link is: [url][/url]

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