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[QUOTE=Teacupforme;4046526] ... Can I ask why you have to take BP only after sitting still for a few minutes? Doesn't that give a false impression of what your BP is normaly like? ... [/QUOTE]

I've taken my blood pressure 27,871 times since 1998, or about seven times per day. I had chronically high blood pressure. From 1998 through 2005, my average blood pressure was 146/92 based on 17,358 readings. If I rested five minutes before each reading that would have added 86,790 minutes (17,358 readings X 5 minutes); or a total of 1,446 hours to my blood pressure efforts. Finally, during the years of 2006 through today, my blood pressure slowly came down to healthy levels, and I experienced an average blood pressure of 122/72 for the entire year 2008, based on 2543 readings; and 126/73 so far for 2009 based on 1981 readings.

My reason for taking my blood pressure that often, was because it was chronically high for years. I also suffer from heart failure, so I kept trying different things in order to get it down to healthy levels. I could not afford the time to sit for five minutes prior to each blood pressure reading. I have found that the key to surviving heart failure (or any other major disease), with a good quality of life, is through a healthy blood pressure.

I keep monitoring my blood pressure multiple times per day because it is so easy to fall off the wagon, and experience higher blood pressure, so I check it often to make sure that I am behaving myself.

So far for July, 2009, after behaving myself better, my average blood pressure has dropped to 120/71, based on 174 readings, which is below the average for all of 2009 of 126/73.

For those who have reasonably healthy blood pressure levels, and who aren't faced with life threatening illnesses, resting five minutes prior to taking might be acceptable. It all depends upon what you want to learn about your own blood pressure, and your own personal blood pressure goals.

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