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... ulin processing is an extremely important process, and when dysfunctional, as is the case with Insulin Resistance, can cause all kinds of maladies such as higher blood pressure. You can have Insulin Resistance with normal blood sugar readings. ... (10 replies)
... and all recent blood tests are normal. In the last year or so I have been suffering from vertigo and insomnia but that is another story. ... (10 replies)
... I've taken my blood pressure almost 31,000 times since 1998. I'd like to share some of my blood pressure readings with others, so that others can compare their results with mine. ... (2 replies)

... back in January '11, and losing 85 lbs over the past 11 months, my blood pressure has been reduced naturally. ... (3 replies)
... and pulse was 48. Usually my pulse is low 50's even with my high blood pressure. When I take bp medications my pulse increases sometimes to the 100's. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on Lisiniprol for about a month. I have skipped many days during that 30 day period and usually only take my meds about every 3 days. My blood pressure lately has been running 120/80. Do I still need to be on BP meds? I have also been on Thyroid medication for the last 30 days and thought that this was lowering my BP also. Before BP meds, my blood pressure was... (3 replies)
... Anyways, when I last saw my general physician about my anxiety, my blood pressure was elevated. Everytime I even see the blood pressure machine in the docs office, i wig out and start getting extremely anxious. ... (8 replies)
Blood pressure
Jun 1, 2009
... Here is a little more blood pressure "trivia" about the fluctuations of blood pressure during the average 24 hour day, with minimum, maximum and average blood pressure. ... (5 replies)
... A cursory look shows the "normal" trend towards higher afternoon and evening blood pressure than the morning hours. Someone who only takes their blood pressure once in a while, and only in the morning is not getting a true picture of their blood pressure. ... (23 replies)
... which gave them some concern. They took blood test, chest xray, listened to my heart, and could not find anything wrong. ... (1 replies)
... My blood pressure is usually low (80/60) but is not really a problem, except for when I move too fast, I get dizzy. I'm a healthy 37 year old female with 4 children (5'3 105lbs). I had my gallbladder removed this past tuesday and the nurse was freaking out b/c my blood pressure was only 79/48 BEFORE the surgery. It pretty much stayed that way the entire 23 hours I was at... (9 replies)
Low blood pressure
May 21, 2006
... i also have been having low blood pressure funny thing is my doc has me on atenolol for high blood pressure and a-fib been on it for 7 years 50 mg a day the last 2 months my blood pressure has been 80/48 to 90/50 every time its checked at a doctor or pharmacy even in the hospital when i had my gallbladder removed last week. do you think thats ok or should i call my heart doc (10 replies)
... Although blood pressure rises during exercise, the BP should drop significantly and quickly after exercise. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks, I use 20 lb dumbells for biceps curls, 12 lbs for overhead presses, 7 lbs for front and side lateral raises and 6 lbs for triceps kickbacks. I keep it light but I do 25 repetions of each exercise and do 3 sets so I do feel like I am getting a workout using proper form. I just want to condition my muscles and keep them tight and firm and I do it more for endurance... (15 replies)
... I lift what is considered fairly heavy for a 48 year old woman for example around 40 lb bicep curls, bodyweight used for dips, 80 lbs for dumbbell chest press, 20 lbs each hand for shoulder raises, etc. ... (15 replies)
... to my Dr., and talked about it at length with him by phone. He told me that nothing over 40 mgs. of Lisinopril is doing me any good anyway, and that he wants my blood pressure UP, and to cut 80 mgs. of Lisinopril. ... (9 replies)
... for almost an hour when I started to get really dizzy. I told the nurse I didn't feel good and I thought I was going to pass out. She put me on a bed and took my blood pressure. ... (3 replies)
... Machaon, thanks for your reply. I must confess I would be massively concerned if I had heart failure at 48, it really is a worry though with certainly my diastolic fluctuation. Just took it again after walking into the village and upon retuning it was 120/87 91, 118/88 91, 115/84 94 so a big drop in both since 3pm but it seems to me to be an abnormal drop. I know... (10 replies)
... I am 19 years old. I am fairly active, i walk probably half a mile a day at least and play sports somewhat often. I am sorry for the length of this, I am just really desperate for any help anyone can provide so ill tell everything I can about my situation. I have never had high BP to my knowledge, I had it checked fairly often until I was about 18 1/2. I didnt have it... (0 replies)
... speaking of which...try holding your arm straight up in the air and check it...if you want to see a really low reading. i guess it's because blood flow is running out of arm and heart isn't pumping as much...who knows... ... (4 replies)

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