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... Historically my blood pressure has been around 140 with a bout of arrythmia. Now BP is in the 150's during the day, but at night it has gone as high as 186/90, even 231/144, accompanied by a bit of nausea and chills. When it does this, I relax with a heating pad on my chest and within 1/2 hour the BP has gone down to 157 (say). After it goes down and I sleep I sometimes... (4 replies)
... you sound exactly like me! I never had BP problems until menopause tho. My bp has been all over the map and usually 150-170/80-90 in the doctors office. Since I am not obese but could lose 10 lbs, my doc never wanted to start me on BP meds. But my endocrinologist wanted to. I only have 1/2 of my T-gland which also creates a prob with BP. So after trying 3 Bp meds, I finally... (10 replies)
... During your daytime readings, were you physically active? Were you at work? It is quite expected to have lower blood pressure readings, and lower heart rate, while someone is at rest. I would assume that you were less physically active at home, after the working/daytime hours. High blood pressure or higher heart rate, while at rest, are unhealthy for your body.... (3 replies)

... Hi everyone im really getting frustrated with my readings I had another 24/hour monitor this year and my day time average is 150/90 but once home and for the dutation of the night doc says my readings are fine , im wondering if these pressures during the day ar dangerous or are they balanced up by good night readings , im 33 year old male fit and eat well so annoyed ... iv had... (3 replies)
... I had chronic, untreatable high blood pressure for many years, until I finally started getting a handle on it in 2004. I had to take my blood pressure almost 31000 times from 1998 thru 2010. I was able to gradually and slowly reduce my blood pressure as I learned what was causing my high blood pressure. I realize that everyone is different, but, I figured that it might... (7 replies)
... ice...but I still ride 3 or 4 times a week for maybe 90 minutes per ride, and at good intensity. ... (4 replies)
... Is Lisinopril synthetic ? I'll inquire about it myself . Thanks (17 replies)
... Your BP seems significantly high. Mine, when diagnosed was in the range of 150's/90's, still very high. At Mayo Clinic they put me on lisinopril @40mg. once per day (was told it is one of the best bp meds). Sometimes lisinopril doesn't work for everyone so combination of BP meds might be prescribed to lower your BP. Ask your Physician to prescribe them and see how it works... (17 replies)
... I believe the "acceptable" readings have changed over the last few years. If I remember correctly anything 140/90 is considered Stage 1 Hypertension. 140/90 Pre Hypertension. A few isolated higher readings don't warrant, in most cases, beginning bp meds. A doctor will usually monitor a person's bp over several weeks/months to see if it's consistently high. I think... (4 replies)
... all i know is anything below 140/90 is considered safe a constant reading of 140/90 and above requires b.p.drugs to control it ..but b.p goes up and down through-out the day it is your resting b.p that matters like (when youve sat for about 10 minutes or so and youve took your b.p ) ...DO YOU HAVE B.P PROBLEMS ..... SALLY..... (4 replies)
... Male 150 lbs 5'10 great shape east well Can someone explain this to us? ... (0 replies)
... Flutter you are so correct. Do you know I would be on 22 meds if i had taken all the prescriptions the docs have given me in the past 3 months? None of them ask what I am currently taking. I am just not willing to go on a 6th pill until all secondary possibilities have been explored. (9 replies)
... Might be the type of meds you are taking. After I gave birth my BP spiked. I was on 3 meds, benicar 40, norvasc 5mg and HTCZ 12.5 mg. it would lower it my bp sometimes, but usually is was 140/90 - 150/95 at the doctors office. I took a low dose of lisinopril and it dropped like a rock. I don't blame you for being upset about being on 5 meds and still not getting... (9 replies)
... My bp was 125/80 in the morning, at breakfast I have eaten 3 small eggs and the same at dinner. I just got a reading and it was 150/90 :( I usually don't eat eggs, maybe once every few month because of my itchy eyes. I have always know that it increases bp. (4 replies)
... I disagree with your "not healthy" comment, but I'm not a doctor. monitoring BP over a 24-hr period doesn't tell you much. According to my doc, most elevated BP's occur right after you wake up, and most heart attacks occur around then too. He had me monitor mine early morning (twice - 15/20 mins apart) right after I get up, then again 12 hrs later. I did that for three... (7 replies)
... This has been a very interesting read. Just today my doctor found my blood pressure was up at a reading of 140/95. A couple of months ago it was 150/90 and then it came down all by itself. It appears to do this randomly and apart from stress we aren't sure why. I have a very healthy diet and am not overweight. I could likely put on a bit more weight even. My pancreas... (20 replies)
... Cartner - I think your correct. Lifestyle and Eating habits are very important. I don't believe there's a magic bullet that can replace a good diet with weight management. The only exception is perhaps the supplement that you mention "Vitamin C" and perhaps "Niacin". Others are "Folic Acid, Vitamin E and GARLIC". The reason I mention these is because they are known to decrease... (20 replies)
... Away from the huge business that could lead to war between companies, don't you think that the more we keep our arteries elastic the more we resist against the danger of hypertension? For example, most hear attack patients we have been seeing in the last 25 years are due to bad lifestyle and eating habits. What if someone with a 150/95 who exercises, eats well and take... (20 replies)
... yow, that must have been scary. Where was it? In the aorta? If you don't mind my asking, why wasn't it more.. serious in the end result? (5 replies)
... What anxiety meds are you on, Lorage? I think it's good to sort of rule all of these things out. I'm sure it's incredibly anxiety ridden while going through it though, but I'm positive once you have all of this testing behind you that you'll have more ammunition to fight your anxiety. I too suffer from BP spikes due to anxiety. I also have the occasional BP spike for no... (86 replies)

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