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soflsun, prior to dropping the Quinapril, my blood pressure was running too low, most of the day. Prior six readings were 97/57 86/54 95/53 101/59 109/67 and 83/51. My diet, exercise, avoidance, Quinapril and Coreg, was probably keeping my blood pressure almost always too low. So...... I did not think that I would spike too high after stopping Quinapril cold turkey. Buts... I was a little nervous about quitting cold turkey.

Day 2 after stopping Quinapril, 9:12pm 145/84

Day 3, 10:10pm 143/85

Day 4, 12:53p 135/73

Day 5, 9:46p 140/74

Day 6, 10:55pm 126/73

Day 8, 1am 113/63

Day 9, 4:38am 121/65

Day 10, 7:38am 103/59

The higher than normal readings during the first several days, though not dangerously high, worried me. The best way to survive Heart Failure is to maintain healthy, low blood pressure levels [U]all the time[/U]!

So, I am gratified to see that my readings have settled down now. I also feel a hell of a lot better without the Quinapril. If I can keep my blood pressure down at healthy low levels without the Ace Inhibitor, then I don't think that I am missing anything.

I also learned that it was my Ace Inhibitor that was interfering with my ability to handle foods like Cauliflower and Broccoli. Those foods are hard to digest and high in potassium, and I thought that I was suffering from digestion problems and not from a potassium interaction with my Ace Inhibitor.

I over-dosed on Cauliflower and Broccoli yesterday and had absolutely no nasty heart rhythm or breathing problems. Surprise, surprise!

Regards...... best of health to you! :wave:

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