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... From what I understand, it is having extremely high readings for a long period of time. If you notice a high reading you should try not to panic but relax and monitor. If it stays that reading for over and hour or two then be a little concerned. My mom's blood pressure was always high ( 170/90) and that was heavily medicated and she lived a long life. Like you when it got up... (7 replies)
... cytokines produced by the body cause higher blood pressure and increases in heart rate. ... (31 replies)
... I can say the first occurrence of high blood pressure I'm aware of was around beginning of last year. ... (31 replies)

... An unhealthy blood pressure average, in most cases, is caused when a person's metabolism runs amuck, as it did in my case. ... (31 replies)
... blood pressure without meds. ... (31 replies)
... hopefully they are running tests on this also. Another common "symptom" of Cushings is high blood pressure. ... (31 replies)
... I think they added Enalapril. I read that a side effect is "this may cause very low blood pressure" YEY! ... (31 replies)
... I didn't ask about asprin. The doctor on call in the emergency unit specializes in high blood pressure caused by things which are not primary causes of high blood pressure. ... (31 replies)
... Hi, I am 26yr, white, male, 94kgs, 1.74m tall. Today, I went to a specialist for my asthma who declared me a medical emergency with a blood pressure of 220/140 after 5 minutes into the consultation. I FEEL FINE ! :) Went to the emergency out patients, nurse confirmed my blood pressure twice with the last reading of 221/138. (31 replies)
... I'm new to this board and wanted to share my frustrations and problems about my blood pressure. ... (3 replies)
... Hi dawgfather, sorry to hear of your current woes. I'm not a doctor or in anyway medically qualified - just suffer from high BP and the medications ....... So from a purely uninformed standpoint it sounds like you have been going through just about the most difficult time to imagine. It also sounds like you were taking your BP when you were very anxious. Let me be clear... (2 replies)
... In my opinion anything well above 140/90, my brother'n'law had consistent readings of 220/120 he lost his eye sight when his retinas detached. (4 replies)
... Btw I am in my 60's and my bp has always been around 130-140/70-80 for years and my husband is 81 and he averages the same, neither one of us had a stroke or heart attack from it. Frankly if my bp is under 140/80 I absolutely refuse to be medicated. I have had problems lately with high systolic in Dr office due to an incompetant Dr frightening me but otherwise have been fine.... (31 replies)
... I am taking norvasc, atenolol, and clonidine for high blood pressure. My bp normally responds well and stays within normal range during the day. ... (10 replies)
... ntial hypertension" in my 30's. About a year an a half ago I had an EKG which showed a slightly enlarged left ventricle that they said was probably because of my blood pressure. ... (5 replies)
... ausing the spikes or the spikes cause the kidney failure. I have tried ten meds thus far with incapacitating side effects so I do without now. If these levels of pressure are sustained they can cause organ damage so the operative term is sustained. ... (5 replies)
... s to see if you have a rare adrenal condition called pheocromacytoma a big word for tumors in the adrenal glands that secrete stimulating hormones that can spike blood pressure. Sometimes certain bp meds can cause an increase in pressure if you have pheo. Beta's usually drop it because they block some adrenergic hormones. ... (5 replies)
... l they could think was hypertension. I left the hospital on 100MG of Metoprolol, taking 50MG twice a day. I was then weaned down to 25MG twice a day because my blood pressure was way too low. I was also having awful dizziness and it was still bad with the lower dose and my pressure was still low, so I was cut down to 12. ... (5 replies)
... to be a factor, I need to be in the weight range of around 220 lbs. ... (0 replies)
... It sounds like you might be experiencing a hypertensive crisis, this is a medical emergancy and needs to be taken care of immediatly. High Blood pressure is not called the "Silent Killer" for nothing! ... (4 replies)

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