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... I have had problems with reactive hypglycemia in the past. It is essentially what you have experienced. You eat something with high carbs and your blood sugar goes extra high and then your body responds by secreting extra insulin, and then your blood sugar goes lower than normal. ... (23 replies)
... You are taking the right approach by wanting to "accurately" monitor your blood pressure at home, in order to determine and learn about your own unique blood pressure behavior. By being proactive, you can also monitor the effect of either medication, or life style changes, on your blood pressure. ... (6 replies)
... Diabetes is many different diseases with many different looks. For instance, one can be Insulin Resistant, with relatively normal blood sugar readings. ... (20 replies)

... Weren't you scared when you saw that 188/119? Did you "run" to the doctor? If not, how did you get it down? What did you do every day to finally get it down? (23 replies)
... Deleted and moved to another thread. Sorry! (23 replies)
... Flowergirl: I thought I was eating nothing because I have to monitor every ounce of salt/sodium I put in my mounth, but you really are eating nothing. I have to really be cautious of breads because they are high in sodium. Te8ka8 (23 replies)
... Machaon: Thanks for the information. However, I, too, monitor my BP throughout the day. That is why I know it is never high during the day. It goes up each night between 8:00 p.m and 10:00 p.m. like clockwork no matter what I eat, medication I take or what I do. It seems to be on a schedule. And, it will not go down until after midmight nearly morning. In the last... (23 replies)
... I saw my Doctor first thing in the morning yesterday, he is checking my BP every week now since I been off meds to make sure I am ok. My reading was 110/80 and he said it was great. I kind of thought the 80 was a little high but he said it was good enough to put me on phentermine to lose a little more weight. I went to the store later that day and it was 125/85. This is a... (0 replies)
... I don't think that doctors get kickbacks for prescriptions. In fact, I believe there are various state and federal laws prohibiting a doctor from receiving compensation for writing a prescription. Doctors could be influenced to write certain prescriptions by the pharmaceutical reps who drop by and provide samples, free pens and paper, and whatnot (and the reps are under... (20 replies)
... Also here is an example. friends called me up yesterday to go hang out. Said i would go. a few minutes after getting off the phone and knowing i was going to my friends house i checked my BP... 145/96 with a pulse of 116! :( (20 replies)
... Thanks for the reply Machaon! well for me i'm on propranolol 40 mg twice a day. While i think and feel that beta- blockers are best for anxiety suffers, they will do nothing for more spikes when i need it. Hard to explain, and i'm sure you heard it all, but if i'm anxious enough no matter what my BP still spikes and my heart rate still hits the high 120's. Keep in min di... (20 replies)
... Machaon, thank you for listing your stats for 2008. I know that typing the post was a lot of work - it is much appreciated! I'll re-read your post when I am not tired. I've been researching the (potential) role of ACE inhibitors in reducing inflammation. It's been quite frustrating as the evidence is scarce and I don't like reading about studies that do not involve people.... (23 replies)
... Mach, I've read in two journals that no NORMS have been established for round the clock normal b/p's (people not on b/p meds.) I once read an interesting article by a MD that it may be possible that for some people high b/p is normal & essential for their bodies. Another thing that puzzles me is that causes of HBP can be so different for different people. Losing ... (23 replies)
... professional opinion, high blood pressure is an indicator of problems with an unbalanced metabolism. Blood Pressure fluctuates normally, but extremes in Blood Pressure, either high or low, is the result of an unbalanced metabolism. ... (2 replies)
... I've thought about some other changes i need to make today. if you guys can't already tell, i tend to take things to extremes no matter what i do lol, it's the OCD in me. ... (20 replies)
... Whether one decides to track their blood pressure more often, especially at home, depends upon one's health and one's need to know. ... (16 replies)
... had a rather dissapointing effect on blood pressure reduction compared to a less impressive sustained weight loss. ... (53 replies)
... o pile on the pounds. Totally irresponible, I know. I had a health scare almost 2yrs ago and had to go to hospital for it where they ran all kinds of tests on my blood and they also took my BP. ... (26 replies)

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