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... I may as well have written this post. Like you, I used to eat out but now cook my food with very little added salt and now that I'm on Carvedilol my body goes haywire whenever I eat something salty. I'm thinking that the meds makes people salt sensitive. I think once it's discontinued you no longer are salt sensitive. I am going to try to get off of it by Spring so I can't... (9 replies)
... tles each day if not more. So now that I have restricted my diet to a low sodium diet, I am finding out that whenever I eat something that has a lot of salt, my ears get that thumping sound. ... (9 replies)
... I decided to test my theory, so one day I took my blood pressure and it was 123/78. About an hour later I had the sandwich and sure enough, about twenty minutes after I finished the sandwich my ears started to feel clogged and my left ear started “thumping”. I checked my blood pressure expecting the worst and was surprised that it was 119/82. I asked my cardiologist at my... (9 replies)

... The first thing is to have them look down the ears to see if there's any wax or infection etc. Waxed ears make you hear your own pulse rate. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for the follow up. I have opted to not even consider paxil. Here's something that is interesting. Just a week or so prior to my onset of hypertension/anxiety, etc... I had a bit of vertigo and swelling in my parotid (saliva glands) and stuffiness/swelling in my head, ringing/clogged ears, etc. I have post nasal drip, but my nostrils are bone dry and have been for... (53 replies)
... i don't know if this is relevant. about 2 weeks prior to me having any problems... i felt an itch in my throat... as my wife had strep about 3 weeks before, i was thinking, thats what ill be getting, so i took some of her amoxicillin. i took half of a amoxicillin pill (about 715mg) one night then the next night i took the remaining half plus a whole. That night i got... (53 replies)
... he ARBs have a side effect profile similar to placebo, but I had trouble with this drug. Specifically, I had dizziness, pressure in my face and skull, "clogged" ears that impacted my hearing, blurred vision, and a constant dull headache. ... (6 replies)
... Are you saying that you think you are salt sensitive now because of the meds? (9 replies)
... I think that you are correct. I used to eat whatever I wanted with no problems and after taking beta blockers I have all sorts of health problems including this ear problem. Lucky for me that I have finally gotten off the beta blockers after having tried three other times with no success. I am on my second week of being off of them. Let’s hope that all the symptoms go... (9 replies)
... How does reducing salt make one salt sensitive? Did he explain? That doesn't make sense. I think that the beta blocker I'm on (Carvedilol) has made me salt sensitive because I get literally sick if I eat something high in sodium (dizziness, rapid heartbeat, upper back pain, shaking) and I never experienced that before taking this medication. (9 replies)
... Please let us know if it was your blood pressure. (9 replies)
... Thanks for your input. I am going to validate my hunch by taking my BP, then having the sandwich again and if I feel the same symptoms, I will check the BP and see if it has gone up. I know that eating will in itself affect blood pressure but if anything, I will get peace of mind if I am wrong. (9 replies)
... I am on BB Bystolic (Nebivolol) and twice in the last week I have had something very strange happen that I am hoping you can help me figure out what it is. I walked at a brisk pace for about a quarter mile to get to a meeting that I was late for which made me very tired. About an hour later, my left ear started to thump as if there was a membrane in it that someone was... (9 replies)
Should I Worry??
Mar 24, 2005
... weeks ago i started to get a clogged head and ears feeling. Went to the doctor and BP was fine and all was great. He gave me a decongestant and antibiotics and sent me on my way. ... (3 replies)

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