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... Many health problems are caused by metabolic imbalances, which causes production of excessive hormones. ... (6 replies)
... salt as related to BP is a problem because it causes the body to retain water. Taking salt to bring BP up immediately sounds like crap! ... (1 replies)
... dipping blood pressure, headaches, aches and pains, erratic heartbeat, etc. Insulin is one of the most important body hormones. When it is not being handled well by our body's, all hell can break loose in our body! ... (5 replies)

... This is so we kick start the stage between sleep and wakefulness rapidly, a throwback to our primative lifestyle as wild hairy cromagnums or earlier. Everyones blood pressure jumps up rather high as they awaken unless they are medicated or compromised with other health issues. ... (9 replies)
... The main cause of higher blood pressure relates to metabolic problems, IMHO. That is why most blood pressure medications try to block or inhibit excess hormones produced by our metabolic systems. ... (3 replies)
... How often do you measure your blood pressure? ... (2 replies)
... First off, I very seldom take my blood pressure after a meal. I don't want my blood pressure readings to be influenced by my body's struggle to digest the food. ... (26 replies)
... Well..... it didn't last too long. I am now back on Coreg! I was off Coreg for 10 days. I was getting very uncomfortable and unnerving increases in symptoms while on the Coreg. When I stopped taking the Coreg, most of those symptoms decrease for a while. Funny..... just a few weeks ago, or so, I thought that my increased symptoms could have been coming from Kidney... (36 replies)
... lty doing my pushups and my weight lifts during this time. I've also had increases in feeling my heart jumping around in my chest and seemingly a faster and more erratic heart beat. ... (21 replies)
... I don't think hypokalemia CAUSES hypertension. ... (5 replies)
... Low BP board. I'm hoping someone can offer advice. I am 43 years old, slightly overweight but active and have had high blood pressure for a few years now. I have been taking HCTZ for two years and occasionally have a problem with low potassium but take a supplement and get back to normal. ... (5 replies)
... Lenin posted this on another thread a couple weeks ago "For anyone who isn't a pure salt sensitive hypertensive like me, I'd say take an ACEI if you don't cough; if you DO,then TRY an ARB. If your hypertension is RENIN run, then it might help you a lot better than it does me." After a discussion last night with my Doc, I am going to "help" him pick a med for me to try at... (5 replies)
... and I kept getting worse. I finally decided to learn all I could about my blood pressure and started taking my blood pressure many times a day, putting the readings into a Microsoft Access database, and tracking my blood pressure patterns via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. ... (2 replies)
... I have checked my blood pressure about 30,000 times since 1998, or about seven times per day. Prior to 1998 I ignored my blood pressure. ... (17 replies)
... When I stated that I did not think that genetics mattered my thinking was that, despite the metabolic differences and imbalances in us and what causes those metabolic differences and imbalances, the drug companies and doctors all take the same approach towards lowering blood pressure. ... (20 replies)
... and some of the causes are seemingly innocuous. ... (13 replies)
... Another reason is my high blood pressure, which has been pretty hard to control. ... (3 replies)
... om the unrelenting, ever present headache. This, for me, was very difficult to live with, even worse than the cardiological symptoms. I experienced palpitations, erratic heart rate, very unstable blood pressure, shortness of breath and considerable chest pain in addition to the headache. ... (20 replies)
... Moderate exercise is supposed to be good for a weakened heart, but anything that causes stress on a weak, stretched out heart, will further weaken the heart. ... (51 replies)
... ges, followed by having some environmental changes and also made some more changes to my diet. I also wanted to see if there was a seasonal "winter" effect on my blood pressure. ... (30 replies)

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