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Go to doctor and tell your concern about prolapse.I think they give some kind of test for prolapse.Fissures can happen with diaorrhea and probably the excruciating pain you are experiencing is from fissures. Apply Diltiazim on fissures and eat metamucil with yoghurt to control diaorrhea..Toast and bread also helps in diaorrhea.As soon as your diaorrhea is in control you will start to feel better.I've had lots of chronic fissures trouble with stenosis and laxatives used to give me diaorrhea and hell i used to be in lots of pain going to the washroom thrice daily. But diltizim did help me even in worsest kind of situation. Please please please do not go for surgery if things improve because anal surgeries are not fun and so mamy things can go wrong. I had four surgeries just because my first hemmorhoids surgery gave me stenosis and even after four surgeries my stenosis is not corrected. Need prayers as I am soon going to get married and i still havent defeated stenosis and lax use.Please pray for me and i will do the same for you.
P.S. One of my old neighbour had same kind of trouble as you have and when she told me i knew that she is having prolapse and just like you her prolapse would go in and would not remain outside but her condition improved and she didn't have pain later in life due to that.she never went for surgery.

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