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Vinnie! Im sorry! I didn't get an email notice of your last message so i grew concerned and just signed on! Oh good, no catheter thank God!!! Great news brother!

Ok bare with me, first bowel movement. Mine came on day two and the second on day three (if i remember correctly) hence why days two and three were just awful. Seriously, take the pain med they prescribed every morning and prepare. Not much you can do but I can tell you its tough, very very very tough. It will hurt badly and you will have to push very very hard. Stick to liquids and broth and just bare down brother! After your first, every bm will hurt until days 9 or 10, but your pain tolerance will sky rocket!

To make light of this, I had a job interview 6 days following my procedure and I emailed the contact and let him know I had surgery, but I didn't go into detail, obviously. I told him I might not make it as it was an hour drive. I made it and had a good interview but didn't get the job, oh well, I was proud I made it. The trip home was as bad as it could have been. Bare with me, this gets disturbing. So Im driving home and I have my poise pad on and I brought extras, in fact I carried a bag of extra clothes in case I had a bleed out. I had a bleed out. Im 20 min in to my drive in rush hour traffic (I'm from MN by the way!) and I felt pressure so I pushed a bit n had a pathetic fart (gross, sorry). I pushed a bit more and felt heat up my lower back. Im wearing a dress shirt, my suit pants and tie mind you. I immediately pulled off at next exit and parked at an applebees. When I left that morning, for some reason I grabbed my dress coat which is nice hugo boss long coat. I was mad at first because its hard to drive in that big coat. Thank God I wore that thing!!!! So i get out n i see a wet spot on seat and I thought I had incontinence. It didn't smell. Uh Oh. Id left my long coat in back seat so i threw that on and I walk briskly into applebees. "Can I use your bathroom? Im meeting someone here". So here we go...

I go into handicap stall n make sure coast is clear. pull down my pants and I'm covered in blood. bled through my pad, underwear, pants and my shirt!!!! It was a murder scene. I threw my tie in corner and started cleaning up and then I had a flipping BM?! bowl was all red. Felt so good though to get out. Anyway, 45 min later, I finally cleaned everything. I had nearly 2 pounds of paper towels and tp covered in blood. I was texting my wife, whose phone was off of course, and Im just thinking thank God it didn't happen at interview. That was my worst public experience and I decided best to stay home for a while. It would have been such a great story had I gotten the job but oh well. This won't happen to you, don't worry. you and I can laugh about this ok?! Im not ashamed. Just proud I got to that interview.

How are you? Are you still numb? Remember, you might have a great recovery and you might not experience all the he-- I did. But just be safe and let someone know when you are having a bm so they can check on you. 1st BM will probably have some blood, don't be scared. Just keep going and when you get done, if you're still bleeding put some tp in there as a plug n put a belt around your butt to hold it and go sit down, it'll stop in a few minutes. you will not bleed out n you won't need to go to ER. I bled for years and this was always normal for me so I had a system down with the belt, I call it my strap! ha ha!. Wife is far too familiar with the strap. Get ice packs ( i used frozen peas cuz they form to your rear when you sit on em. Thats essential. don't walk around too much, don't feel guilty to ask for help. This is your time to take all the time for YOU. So be humble and lazy and relax. Funny try not to's: laugh, cough, sneeze, fart, get scarred (cuz any flinch causes that sphincter to flex, ouch). I was holding my 2 month old daughter n she flinched in her sleep n i almost passed out, ugh. remember to take sitz baths 4 to 5 times per day. keeps area clean and is so soothing.

Im praying for ya, rooting for ya, and I'm here for ya Vinnie! Make sure you post your experience so others preparing for this can see your experience!

Take care Vinnie and remember the Psychological difficulties I mentioned. You can do this and you'll be fine.

Keep me posted brother!!!


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