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Thanks Suzi for the Mother's Day greeting and well wishes. I will certainly get return to let you all know the final outcome. :D

Drs....thanks for the back hugger suggestion. It was on my list of requests prior to surgery....

Resection...with this clear liquid I to expect diarrhea even before I start the cleansing out process? Just wondering...was feeling a little nauseas last night after full day of liquids and this am had 2 loose BM's...justwondering if it's normal...Goody
God Bless you, Suzi :angel: I could feel your hands holding me through the entire thing. I am only able to sleep in the recliner...the only comfortable way to sleep. Can't lie down or sit all the way up without I'm doing what I feel most comfortable with.

Had my first BM earlier this evening, shortly after asking Resection about it!! Wasn't bad at all. No pain, no diarrhea just soft and a little smelly, is all :D :D But that's how it goes...I guess!!!

I took 1 1/2 Vicodin before bedtime...and just got up to use bathroom & thought I'd check the thread..I was glad to see you were here to ease me through once again. Not as uncomfortable as before I rested...just going through the healing...I guess.

On a funny note...hubby was unable to pick me up at the hospital when I was discharged...he arranged for a good friend of our's, Paul, to stand in as his surrogate. On the way home, Paul pulled his 1991 BMW into a convenience store. He had to get milk & asked if I needed anything...I didn't. As I waited I pulled the recline handle to find a more comfortable positition to travel home in...and to my shock & surprise...was thrown all the way back and felt the most pain I felt the entire week at that moment as all my sutures burned at once naturally fighting back at the unexpected!!! Not only did I scream but continued to experience the pain when I couldn't get myself back to any higher position and was most uncomfortable lying down!! And so with the teeny amount of abdominal muscle strength I could muster up...I had to pull the seat up from behind with my opposite arm in the most twisted position....praying that I wouldn't tear out all the surgeon's fancy stitch work he did only days before!!! Perhaps that is why I am in such discomfort...I don't see any signs of swelling from the outside...although my abdomen, by far not the flattest for many years now, is still disfigured and distended from the air they pumped in for the surgery.

I laugh now at the episode of not even being home yet from the hospital, and almost botching the entire thing up!!'s back to bed for this gal :yawn: :yawn: Thanks for greeting me with your warm and gentle words....I'll keep you updated...Goody :D :D
Hey're doing just fine!!!'ll still get tired & remember you're almost 2 weeks behind me I believe & I'm still tiring...although not as much. Still getting over my sinus cough is still there and the allegra I'm on tends to tire me out too. I have a feeling if it weren't for that I'd be just about back to normal. And I'm at 6 weeks now. So by the time you get back to work you should be able to do it.

As far as the diarrhea...that's pretty much normal too. I find that I pretty much go after each meal...not diarrhea but softer than usual. It takes some time to get use to the foods that are not so easily digestible such as beef, corn, peas, raw veggies & salad etc.

Keep up the good've come a long way and people like Helen are going through it all heart really goes out to her at this time. And Princess...a resection & hysterectomy...WOW!! RS is goes to remind us that we should be watching how we live so that we don't end up having to go through it all over again!!!

You just keep on resting so you can get back to work...Goody :D :D
[B]edinaman[/B], nice to meet you! You had a more serious experience (with the malignancy and bladder work) than most of us, but it sounds as if you're doing exceptionally well. Like you, I had a long incision (mine just off center to the left) and it hasn't been painful at all. Those BMs, though, and the gas and the cramps... always a problem. I wouldn't need pain meds at all except sometimes the cramps make it harder to sleep, so I pop one now and then. Good luck on your continued recovery!

[B]divers[/B], about the nuts, etc. I [U]have[/U] noticed a correlation between eating certain foods and flare-ups. At the time, I did not know I had diverticulitis. I didn't know what I had. I blamed my cramps/pain/diarrhea on various things: a new drug my doc wanted me to take for blood pressure (yep, had to be that drug!), menopause (why not?), lactose intolerance (as good a reason as any and other people I know developed it later in life) and irritable bowel (another thing I had heard a lot about recently). It did vaguely occur to me at the time of the last, more frequent flare-ups in January, February and March that there might be a connection to the gourmet popcorn and air popper I had received as Christmas gifts and that I was eating a lot of that coarse popcorn. That I had at the beginning of the year launched a health campaign aimed at eating "healthier" foods, including kashi cereals, lots of bran, nuts, grains and, yes, that darn popcorn, never really entered my mind though. Then I had the "big" attack that perforated my colon and put me in the hospital and I remember distinctly that I had been eating an especially healthy, rough bread with lots of whole grains and pecans for a couple of days. Loved it. Great bread, coarse enough to pave a sidewalk and tasty, too. But there you go. EVERY attack, as I look back, was preceded by either gourmet popcorn or Kashi cereal or one of those heavy duty natural health food breads.

Now, I know those breads and cereals and popcorn, too, are good for folks, possibly including folks with diverticulosis (doctors differ on this). Just not for folks with active diverticulitis. Mine probably never fully resolved between flare-ups, and my constantly aggravating it with these nuts and hulls, etc. was what led to my problems. That and never having followed up on my gastrointestinal symptoms in the first place, thus never knowing that I should go on a softer diet. So I would say absolutely avoid nuts and seeds and harsh grains if a person has active diverticulitis. Recipe for disaster, so why court trouble? But post-surgery? I don't really know. I see my surgeon on Tuesday and I will definitely ask him about it. He has diverticulosis himself (finding that out made me even more certain he was my guy) and I trust his advice. He has said all along (post-perforation, pre-surgery) to avoid popcorn, nuts and harsh grains (anything with hulls) but was ambivalent on seeds. "It's up to you about tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and that, but in your case why not be cautious?" So I was. I suspect that now that the diverticuli are no more I will not have any restrictions at all on seeds. I may just avoid popcorn and hulls on principle and because the boyfriend just found out this week that he has diverticulosis (not infected, though) himself. It'll be a lifestyle thing.

On a recovery note, I had a mild fever (99.5) last night. Twenty days post-op. Called the doctor but he said not to worry unless the fever went above 101.5. It never did and after a pretty good night's sleep, I have no fever this morning. So who knows what it was. Maybe I had just overtired myself with a movie ("Collateral") and a night out, though I sure loved eating that big, juicy Bennigan's burger. In the hospital, when I wasn't eating for 10 days, all I wanted was a big juicy burger. So I enjoyed it! I feel really good this morning, so things are still on course.
Thanks for replying so fast. A bit of a humorous note - yesterday after I got home I was so afraid that I was going to get a blockage again that I made myself drink a glass of prune juice!! That led to diarrhea last night. It is going to be hard for me now not to worry every time I have a stomachache. But, the doctor said that you are not more likely to have trouble with adhesions just because it happened once.

Just so you can all REALLY feel sorry for me - while I was in the hospital we had to have our 14 year old dog put to sleep. Then, the day after that, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to find my husband and mother at the foot of my hospital bed. They had been up all night in the ER with my 85 year old dad at a nearby hospital. He is still in the hospital and has just been diagnosed with COPD (emphysema). So, my poor husband was running between the vet, my hospital, and another hospital. My daughter also started her senior year of high school while I was in the hospital. So, wouldn't you all agree that things can only get better for me??

Goodie - glad you're back from a fun summer. I hope to get back on track soon.
ftlaudmom--I hear you about being afraid of everything. There was a great warrior once who said he was afraid of everything, which was why he had to vanquish everything. Knowledge is one way to "vanquish" the enemy. I am a control freak, myself. :) I learn all I can about a problem as a way of getting an "edge" on controlling it: not just the problem itself but my way of handling the problem. Fear can be a great motivator.

I'll take diarrhea over constipation any day (and almost anything over nausea). I've had here and there bouts with minor constipation since surgery. It's been under control the last many weeks with lots of fiber in the diet and plenty of exercise (walking in my case). Chemo is a whole 'nother animal, though, and I hope your episode doesn't come back. Pushing a bowling ball through a needle is not a pleasant image to contemplate! Is there anything you can do ahead of time (ahead of taking the meds) that might head off the problem? Drinking more water or eating lots of bran for breakfast? Anything to make your time communing with your post-op bowels more pleasant.

As for me... ninth week post-op. Normal, mostly. I was sick for so long, years of diverticulitis symptoms, that I am not completely certain what normal feels like. I think this is it, though. :cool: Occasional "twingies" not even daily. I did finally feel something similar to what RM described as a flame on the tip of a candle sensation in the upper part of my incision this morning. It felt like it was just under the skin and went away after about fifteen minutes. Not sure what it was but not concerned.
[QUOTE=shepdog]I forgot to ask:

Did anyone have any experience with "C-dill"? For example, will they still do my surgery if I am having problems with it? Moving my surgery would be a task of monumental proportions, if not impossible, but I think it is coming back.

By the way, if I am calling it the wrong name, it is the diarrhea that you get when you take antibiotics (espcially Clindamycin) and all of the good bacteria in your colon goes away leaving the bad bacteria to wreak its havoc. I just finished a round of Flagyl to fight this and was doing better, but now I don't know.


Hey, Shep :wave: Most likely they will continue the Flagyl via IV intraoperatively and postoperatively....the surgeon will know what protocol to do. I'm sure he is aware of this...I know that I threw up with the prep antibiotics and the surgeon had me stop the 2nd phase of the prep & just gave it to me IV before, during and after the surgery. Just be sure to remind your surgeon of your C-Dill and he'll make the call.

You are in my thoughts and prayers....looks as if Resection is the man to walk you through all this since you are having the surgery done where he had it. But just wanted to let you know that I'll be checking in as often as I can to offer you my support etc. We will be away from the 19th-26th and will not have internet access but I intend to check in just before I leave and upon will definitely be in my prayers on the 22nd!!! Goody will be with you in spirit as you undergo your surgery. Just remember we will all be in that OR holding hands around you making sure you're okay. (Jenn will bring the Dunkin Donuts like she always does ;) )

Just to let you know that I have been eating nuts, popcorn and things I was always afraid to eat with not one problem!! I always had to worry about that & since my surgery I've been doing wonderfully!!! You have that & everything to look forward to as well :D :D

Please rest up and eat well and hydrate yourself good this wekk. that is what is most important. I will be in touch.,......Goody :angel:
Okay....Cowgirl, you are right....they will be removing your entire colon. You must forgive me because despite my nursing background I never heard of this being done without an ileostomy. I've been away from nursing for over 15 years so I apologize. Anyway....what does your surgeon say in regard to your diet and bowel movement consistency after surgery???? I would tend to think that it will dcause diarrhea and leakage only because you'll have less control due to less absorption....the colon is soooooo long and leaves us time after eating to fight the urge to go but I would tend to think that you would go shortly after eating and may need a bathroom around you all the time. Just a guess but the surgeon or gstroenterologist would know best. Even better....I would call your surgeon and ask him to put you in tuoch with someone who has had the same surgery....he can call the patiet & provide them with your phone #/email. Jut a suggestion. I am a firm believer that [I]nobody understands unless they've walked a mile in my shoes [/I] theory.

Have you ever had surgery before???? That would give me a good place to start......Goody

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