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Hello, i am 14 years old and recently i have had a problem. Over the last few months, ive noticed a tiny amount of blood on the toilet paper i use. i didnt pay much attention, since it was barely any and would only get bigger the more i wiped. so 2 days ago, i was using the restroom and i had some really bad pains, and it felt like something was comming out that was too big or something and it hurt, so then i noticed some blood that was in the toilet. it must have dripped off because it was mixing into the water. ever since, it has been hard for me to use the bathroom, becuase it hurts when i try to go, and every time i have gone there has been much more blood on the tissue. i have never participated in anal sex or have done anything to my anus to cause this. im not sure what it is and im realllllly worried. is it a hemroid? or what? can hemroids go away on their own? at first i thought i was bleeding internally but theni remembered the little bump around my anus the few weeks before and thought it could be a hemroid. please give me any info you have or advice!PLEASE REPLY ASAP! thank you!

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