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So i go to the Doctor and he tells me I have Anusitis.


THen he tells me that I have to give up all the foods that I love.

Not fine.

So now as I starve, I am trying to find out what seasoning and sauces I can use.

Does anyone know of any sauces that I can use to flavor my food but won't casuse me any more inflaming of the the Anusitis.
You just have to pay close attention to whats in the stuff. No tomato whatsoever, its a big no no...

For chicken I use a sauce called "Maple Smoke" by FishCrisp. The stuff is amazing on Chicken and doesnt seem to affect my Anusitis.

Also, speaking of fish, try to eat as much Fresh Water fish as possible. It helps a great deal. When picking out fish remember that the whiter the meat the less fat the fish contains. Pink fish such as Salmon are incredibly fatty which isnt good for Anusitus. I've found Rainbow Trout to be the limit in terms of fatty fish.

I've been suffering with this dang problem for 3-4 years now. Its very stressful on the body. I need to lose weight because the heavier you are the worse it gets due to body heat. Thats another thing, if you live in a cold climate area keep your rooms nice and cool. I keep my bedroom windows open at night even in the winter.

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